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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Austin Home's Doors and Windows

Posted on February 07, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Austin

Replacing windows and doors requires a lot of effort, so why not make that effort worthwhile with proper maintenance of these assets? When you catch issues quickly and make the necessary repairs, you're able to extend the life of your doors and windows. 

Here are six easy ways you can maintain them to prevent a more intensive repair and prolong a full-fledged replacement sooner than necessary.

Man on ladder painting walls white

1. Be On the Lookout

Try to be observant when it comes to using your doors and windows. Do you hear squeaking? Does the hardware feel looser? Looking out for these things early can save you money in the long run. If caught quickly, maintenance is a breeze and they'll be working as if new right away. The longer it takes to catch any issues, the more work will be involved to repair. It could even speed up how soon you'll need a replacement.

2. Keep Up With Hardware

Sitting room with bay window, chair, side table, and pillows and books strewn on a rug.

In a normal home, the windows and main entry door are utilized the most. Unfortunately, this makes them the most prone to wear-and-tear damage. Regularly check the hinges and handles to ensure they are in excellent working order.

If not, all you'll need for simple door repair is a screwdriver or a range, and you'll just need to tighten the hinge, handle, or knob to make sure it's in place. Use lubricant every two months to avoid mechanical wear and tear.

3. Replace Hardware When Necessary

If a repair doesn't fix the issue and a replacement is required, replacing the hardware right away is cheaper and much easier to accomplish than putting it off and inevitably having to replace the entire door or window.

Make sure you're not sacrificing the quality of your replacement hardware to save money, either. You'll end up paying much more when the cheap hardware fails and your door or window falls off completely. Contact Pella of Austin if you need to replace the hardware on any windows or doors.

4. Look for Cracks

Woman looking out of double-hung windows in home office.

You don't have to do this on a regular basis, but you should check for cracks in your home's doors and windows every six months. Minor dents can be overlooked; fissures vary depending on the substance. However, big cracks should not be ignored because they compromise the integrity of your door or window.

Cracks in doors are usually the consequence of it being slammed repeatedly. Cracks in windows can be a result of thermal stress or direct impact from an object hitting it. Ignoring them will result in an even more significant maintenance and repair cost.

5. Replace Locks

You might think that after your home's new doors and windows are installed, you won't need to replace the lock. But the locks, like the doors and windows themselves, are subject to wear and tear, as well as corrosion. You can prolong replacement by selecting a lock that's suitable for your lifestyle and environmental factors. Pella of Austin can help you with that decision.

6. Clean

Cleaning the home is a regular practice since dust and debris enter it daily, but we frequently neglect to clear the dust pathway. Cleaning your doors and windows to avoid the collection of debris and dust is also part of door and window maintenance.

From an appearance standpoint, the accumulation of dust on doors is unattractive, particularly on light-colored doors. Long-term build up can permanently mar the look of your doors or windows, resulting in a replacement sooner than you'd need.

Doors and windows can be easily maintained by anybody in the home. However, do not attempt to make any serious repairs on your own. Contact the experts at the Pella of Austin showroom with any questions first or schedule a service!

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