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Basics of Window and Door Cleaning

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Austin & Central Texas

on March 30, 2023

How to Clean Your Windows on the Interior and Exterior

To get started, you'll need a simple glass cleaning solution, which can be made using  supplies you probably already have at home. Here are some easy recipes:

Soap Alternative

  • 1 teaspoon liquid soap or infant shampoo
  • 1 quart of water

Vinegar Remedy

  • 1/2 a cup of vinegar
  • 1 quart of water

Keep in mind, some hardware coatings can be harmed by vinegar.

Once you've created your solution, follow these steps to properly clean your glass.

  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with clear water.
  • With a sponge, soft brush and your preferred soap or vinegar solution, clean laterally and then vertically while applying even pressure.
  • Rinse right away with clean water (sponging may be useful while rinsing; avoid letting the cleaning solution sit in puddles or dry on glass or frame/sash surfaces).
  • Dry off with a dry, lint-free towel.
  • Repeat the previous steps as required to get clean.
  • Dry the window sill and frame with a different towel.

Tips for Effective Window Cleaning

  • Days that are dry and cloudy are ideal for washing windows. Sunny days can cause cleaning agents to dry too quickly, creating streaks. 
  • When cleaning multi-story exterior windows, start at the top level and work your way down. One region at a time, clean and rinse. Always use proper/safe tools and precautions when cleaning or servicing the exterior side of windows above ground level.
  • Clean windows when dirty or at least twice a year.

Removing Sticky Labels From Glass

Peel label from one corner slowly. If the label sticks or tears, wet it with soapy water and use a plastic putty knife to carefully scrape it off. Sticky labels can be immersed in soapy water and covered with plastic wrap for the night. In the morning, use a plastic glue knife to gently remove.

Removing Latex Paint Drip Spray From Glass

Drips of dried latex paint should be soaked in a warm water and infant shampoo mixture. Use a sponge or damp towel to gently scrub away. If necessary, use a plastic putty knife to carefully scrape off. Feel free to repeat the soaking and scraping process if needed.

How To Clean Vinyl Windows

Cleaning internal and exterior vinyl window surfaces follows the same guidelines as cleaning the window glass.

  • To clean the surface, use a microfiber towel and soapy water. Beginning at the top of the window and working your way down, wipe the dirty region.
  • Rinse right away with clean water (sponging may be useful while rinsing; avoid letting cleaning solution sit in puddles or dry on glass or frame/sash surfaces).
  • Utilize a lint-free, drying towel to wipe down.

How to Clean Wood Windows

Use some mild soap and water to wash any uncovered wood surfaces. Consider gently sanding and refinishing to remove stubborn residue or mildew, or ask a paint expert for advice. Repair any voids or fractures right away.

To clean exterior aluminum cladding on wood windows, use water and gentle soap. To fix dings, contact us for specialized paint touch-ups.

Pella stained wood window

How To Clean Window Fittings

  • Remove hardware (if possible).
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge and some mild detergent and water; rinse, then pat dry.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to carefully scrub away any tough dirt.
  • Put on several layers of premium, non-abrasive auto wax.
  • If necessary, reinstall components.

How to Take Care of Interior and Exterior Doors

Moving components like hinges and locksets can be maintained and restored to smooth operation with the aid of cleaning and lubrication, which also typically provides some corrosion protection. Any time doors are not closing or opening correctly, or at least twice a year, clean the door surface and maintain the hardware. 

  • Use mild soap and water to wash away grime and debris.
  • Fix any slack fasteners.
  • Repair any broken components.
Pella's Contemporary French hinged double front door with glass

Tips for Effective Door Cleaning

  • Never use a garden hose to power wash external doors, as this could break the seals in the glass units and let water into the building.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, razor blades or other sharp items. They have the ability to scratch glass, harm door surfaces and eliminate coatings.
  • Avoid over-cleaning and vigorous pressing.
  • Cleaners shouldn't be allowed to pool or gather at glass edges close to glazing materials.
  • Avoid using aftermarket tints or films on glass because they could harm the sealer or the glass itself.

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