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Choosing the Right Window Materials For Austin's Climate

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Austin & Central Texas

on June 8, 2022

Climate is a big consideration for homeowners. The weather in a particular region can have an impact on a home, and it can be important to choose home-related materials accordingly.

Austin’s climate is particularly unique for Texas; the city is situated between the more humid Southeast and the dry desert of the Southwest. Because of its location, Austinites know to expect long hot summers and mild winters. There can be some severe weather such as heavy rain, tornadoes and damaging wind throughout the year in Austin, especially in the spring months.

As you begin your window replacement project, here are a few things you should know about window materials and how they hold up in Austin’s climate.

Knowing your options

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for windows. Homeowners have their own style, budget and may have particular needs for their spaces. Choosing the right material for your windows is an important decision that can impact energy efficiency, maintenance and design. Here, we’ll break down what Austin homeowners should know about vinyl, fiberglass and wood, particularly as they pertain to Austin’s climate conditions.


A large vinyl window.

Let’s start with an Austin favorite: vinyl. Vinyl is made from a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It provides a significant amount of insulation and its neutral design can complement most homes. That, along with its affordability, has made vinyl windows an appealing choice for many Austin homeowners.

There is a misconception that vinyl is less durable than other materials. Pella vinyl is made with a high-quality, proprietary formula to provide more strength, security and durability. The multi-chambered frame and full welded sash improve strength while reducing sound transmission. Pella vinyl window sashes with optional performance upgrades are metal reinforced for a sturdy, wind-resistant window.

When we consider Austin’s intense summer heat, it’s important to note that Pella vinyl is also an energy-efficient window material; those same multi-chambered frames and fully welded sashes help vinyl windows block out more heat from the sun and can contribute to a more comfortable climate inside the home.

Not only are Pella vinyl windows an affordable and energy-efficient option for Austin homeowners, but our vinyl is also easy to clean and maintain. It can look great for years with no additional painting, staining or refinishing required.


A kitchen with a large window

You can find versatile fiberglass in everything from boats and airplanes to your home’s insulation. Fiberglass is exactly that: glass fibers. Our fiberglass is made when a weft inserter weaves and knits the glass fibers into a resin injector, strategically placing them to provide the material’s signature strength.

Fiberglass is a notably strong material. Pella® Impervia® uses Pella’s proprietary fiberglass, the strongest material for windows1. Because of the added strength, Pella fiberglass frames can hold much larger windowpanes to create an effect of a wall of glass.

Like vinyl, fiberglass windows are low maintenance. Pella Impervia won’t warp, crack or rust and is durable enough to stand up against weather events. They can also withstand extreme heat, as you’d experience in the summer in Austin, and extreme cold like the sudden snowstorms Austin has seen the last few winters. The durable frames resist expansion and contraction as the weather changes, remaining stable and rigid. Glass acts as an insulator and fiberglass provides the same benefit; fiberglass windows absorb and hold heat, keeping out high temperatures in the summer months.


Wood Window in Living Room

Wood is a classic material with an organic, natural feel to it. It’s also an incredibly customizable option. Pella offers wood windows in many types, colors, styles and sizes.

If you’re concerned about severe weather and outdoor elements, Pella wood windows come covered in aluminum, a feature referred to as exterior cladding. This helps to protect the window from the elements and resists rot and corrosion. Pella wood windows also come with EnduraGuard®, which can help protect the windows from the effects of moisture, decay, stains from mold and mildew, and termite damage.

For Austin homeowners, wood windows provide natural insulation and energy efficiency. Pella offers three lines of wood windows.

Pella® Lifestyle Series

Lifestyle Series windows offer an unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value2.

Pella® Architect Series®

Pella Architect Series comes in both Traditional and Contemporary. It’s all about the craftsmanship.

Pella® Reserve™

Bring your design vision to life with virtually unlimited customizability of Pella Reserve.

Choose Windows Built to Perform

Climate varies from place to place, and each location has its own set of challenges and unique factors to consider. The best way to make the right decision is with quality information, and when it comes to choosing the right windows, Pella is always available to provide answers to Austinites’ toughest questions. Schedule an appointment or visit our showroom today!

1Pella's proprietary fiberglass material has displayed superior strength over wood, vinyl, aluminum, wood/plastic composites, and other fiberglass materials used by leading national brands in tensile and 3-point bend tests performed in accordance with ASTM D638 and D790 testing standards.

2Performance solutions offering an unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value, require upgrades to triple-pane, AdvancedComfort Low-E and mixed glass thickness. Based on comparing product quotes and published STC/OITC and U-Factor ratings of leading national wood window and patio door brands.

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