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How Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Handle the Austin Heat

Posted on April 14, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Austin

Austin has beautiful weather, especially for those of us who love being outdoors. We get less rain than most parts of the country, and Austin has 23 more sunny days a year than the U.S. average!1 That’s a lot of sun to enjoy, but the Austin climate can also inflict a lot of heat on your home, which increases your HVAC bills. It also means your system has to work harder, which could shorten its life.

Here at Pella® Windows & Doors of Austin, we can help you handle the heat. We have window materials and glass options that are perfectly suited to enhance your comfort at home and reduce heat transfer. That will give you more control over your interior climate and improve your home’s energy efficiency for the long run.

Energy-Efficient Glass Options

Double-pane versus triple-pane glass

When it comes to glass types that can handle the Texas sun, we usually recommend SunDefenseTM Low-E Insulating Glass. Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass has a coating that is applied to reflect heat while still allowing in the sunlight. Not only does it help keep your home comfortable, but it also helps to prevent your carpets, furniture, décor and window treatments from fading by blocking most of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

We also have dual-pane and triple-pane options available for many styles of windows. Two panes of glass with SunDefense Low-E protection and insulating argon between the panes will block 94% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The argon gas helps reduce heat transfer into your home. Our triple-pane glass will maximize your energy efficiency.

Another option you can consider for areas with the most sun exposure would be our tinted glass. Like sunglasses, windows and patio doors with tinted glass block some of the sun's rays and keep rooms cooler. This type of glass also provides privacy and helps control glares in your home. Pella tinted glass is available in bronze, gray and green hues.

Energy-Efficient Window Frame Options

three-panel window in living room

Don’t overlook window frame construction and how that can help protect you from the Austin heat. We have wood, fiberglass and vinyl styles for you to choose from, and all are designed to enhance your home's insulation.

Wood Windows

Wood windows from Pella provide excellent insulation. Wood has low conductivity, which means wood window frames transfer less heat or cold into your home. We have diverse styles and colors of wood windows to choose from, depending on the look of your home. All are protected from the elements with aluminum cladding on the outside and EnduraGuard®, which provides advanced protection from the effects of moisture, decay and stains from mold and mildew—as well as termite damage.

Fiberglass Windows

Pella Impervia® is our fiberglass line of windows. Our proprietary fiberglass material offers insulating properties similar to wood. Our fiberglass materials are incredibly durable and won’t melt or break down when exposed to environmental temperature swings. Our five-layer fiberglass is the strongest material available for windows and patio doors, engineered to last.2

Vinyl Windows

We also have high-quality vinyl frame options suited to the Austin climate. Our multi-chambered vinyl frames reduce heat loss—for energy efficiency—and they’re exceptionally easy to care for.

Pella windows are available in energy-efficient wood, fiberglass and vinyl options, so you can choose the material that is best suited for your home. Select window designs are also available with foam insulation to further improve energy performance.

Ensure Energy Efficiency With Expert Window Installation

Pella team member installing window

One last factor that affects how well your windows insulate you from the heat is the installation itself. At Pella Windows & Doors of Austin, we’re installation experts. We’ll treat your home like it was our own, and we promise you a no-mess, no-guess installation day. Since Pella manufactures the windows, we know them better than anyone. You can count on our ability to seamlessly install them to fit your home to prevent air and water infiltration. Installation is just as important as the quality of the windows themselves, and we pride ourselves on providing you excellent service.

If you’re concerned about rising energy bills and staying comfortable, Pella windows and doors can help you have more peace of mind about the future.


2Pella's proprietary fiberglass material has displayed superior strength over wood, vinyl, aluminum, wood/plastic composites, and other fiberglass materials used by leading national brands in tensile and 3-point bend tests performed in accordance with ASTM D638 and D790 testing standards.

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