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How Long Will My Replacement Windows Last?

Posted on May 04, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Austin

Window installation

If you're investing in replacement windows, you want to make sure you're maximizing that investment with windows that are built to last. This article will take a look at typical window lifespans and what the best choices are for your Austin home.

What is the lifespan of replacement windows?

Windows can last anywhere from 10 years to 40, and there are several factors that can influence this.

Environmental conditions such as heat, direct sunlight and moisture can shorten the life of your windows. Without continuous exposure to these elements, windows should typically last longer, although these are hard to avoid in Austin.

The quality of your windows and their installation, and how often they're cleaned and maintained, will also impact their lifespan. Naturally, regular upkeep and the right maintenance will help your windows last longer.

Options for Long-Lasting Replacement Windows

There are a wide range of replacement window options to consider, but if longevity is your priority, vinyl windows should be at the top of your list, as quality vinyl windows typically last 20 to 40 years.

Vinyl Windows

Any home would benefit from vinyl windows, but not all vinyl is created equal. Pella's vinyl featured in our 250 Series product line is engineered to be long lasting, low maintenance and energy efficient, all while looking stylish at the same time. As a result, you get great performance and enhanced curb appeal. Our vinyl windows come in a range of designs, sizes and colors, and can be customized with grilles, hardware and screens that best suit your home style. 

Vinyl casement windows

Popular vinyl window styles for Austin-area homes include:

  • Double-Hung Windows - Double-hung windows contain two sashes inside of a single frame. Both sashes have independent sliding mechanisms that allow them to tilt in for simple cleaning and provide ventilation. When the window is open, double-hung windows' sashes stay flush with the wall.
  • Sliding Windows - Sliding windows have sashes that can lift out for simple cleaning and glide left or right within a single frame. There are two variations of them: two-lite and three-lite. Two separate sashes of a two-lite sliding window slide horizontally for ventilation and simple cleaning. Two independent sashes are located on either side of a fixed center sash in a three-lite sliding window.
  • Awning and Casement Windows – Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward, either to the left or to the right, and are frequently referred to as crank windows since they are operated by a cranking mechanism. Awning windows open similarly, except they have a top hinge. With the turn of a handle, either one is simple to open or close.

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Pella Vinyl Replacement Windows for Longevity

For high-quality vinyl windows that are built to last, look no further than Pella. Experience our selection of vinyl styles yourself at the Pella of Austin showroom, or connect with a member of our team for a free in-home consultation today!

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