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Why French Doors Could Add Value to Your Austin Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Austin & Central Texas

on January 3, 2022

Adding a new entry door is one of the most cost-effective methods to raise the value of a property. This number may be calculated close to the dollar with a calculator. It takes into consideration the materials utilized, labor costs, energy bill reductions, and other measurable aspects. Installing new French doors on your Austin house, on the other hand, will add value in a much more subtle way.


Do you have a dark living space that needs to be brightened up? Consider a bedroom with a little window looking out onto your porch. What about that spectacular view of Austin’s skyline? Most houses have a room that could use more light, and one of the ways French doors really shine is by giving light to a space. The expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" isn't totally accurate.

 Any room with dim lighting will appear gloomy. Colors explode when they are exposed to light. It has the same amount of zing and liveliness as a can of Old Bay. You'll notice all of the increased light almost immediately after installing new French doors. Anyone interested in purchasing your property in the future will notice it as well.

Pella Lifestyle Series wood hinged patio door and double-hung windows


Accessibility is a strong attribute for French doors. They're not just the ideal addition to a bedroom that you'd like to open to your deck or balcony, but they're also the best option for adding a ground-floor entry that allows you to effortlessly move heavy objects into your house.

 You know what we're talking about if you've ever tried to cram a large couch through a standard-sized front door.

Pella white wood French hinged patio door


French doors enhance the beauty of any property. This entry option adds almost as much grace and elegance as our state flag, and that's something you can't buy.

New French doors may increase the value of your property in a variety of ways. It may be the way they cast warm shadows on your kitchen tiles while you're preparing handmade snowballs. During family parties, they could open your living room to provide access to the outside pool area.

You'll be pleased you invested in French doors, especially when it comes time to sell your property. Make new French doors for your next project and let the professionals at Pella of Austin. We offer different types to select from, and our installers are the finest in the industry.

French Doors

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