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All About Vinyl Windows: Your Questions Answered

posted on March 26, 2020 in Global Blogs

white vinyl windows in bedroom

Effortless to maintain and energy-efficient, vinyl replacement windows have become an affordable choice for homeowners in the market for stylish windows at an affordable price. Innovations in both window materials and production have made vinyl windows an excellent pick for homeowners looking to deliver more energy efficiency and style to their home.

Vinyl windows can make a great option for nearly any homeowner. You may be weighing the options between the various window materials available. Here’s a look at some frequently asked questions about vinyl windows and why vinyl windows may be a good choice for your needs.

What are vinyl windows made out of?

Vinyl window manufacturing has come a long way. Vinyl windows, including the ones found in the three product lines at Pella, consist of frames made from advanced polymers that are performance-tested for excellent weathering and durability. Pella® 350 Series vinyl windows are a great choice to increase the aesthetics around your home thanks to SmoothSeamTM technology that offers virtually invisible interior welded corners. Pella® 250 Series is a mid-range option that is both low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Pella’s final vinyl window product, Encompass by Pella® is our most competitively priced vinyl window option. All of our vinyl windows are affordable, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

How do I care for my vinyl windows?

In the past, vinyl windows were only available in a limited amount of colors. Over time these previous vinyl windows could yellow, wash out, split or crack in extreme climates.

To address this and provide homeowners with the best quality vinyl windows, we have improved our technology and testing at Pella. Window designs must withstand laboratory cycle testing, during which the functions of windows are repeated thousands of times to test durability on pieces including everything from the window hardware to the frame structure. Then, air, water and thermal tests provide additional means to ensure that vinyl frames can face the seasons while keeping your home energy efficient. It all results in a window that is robust and durable, with fade resistance and appealing exterior colors, ultimately giving you a low-maintenance option that is easy to care for over the years.

With developing technology in color retention, you won't have to be concerned about refinishing your vinyl windows. Cleaning your vinyl windows just requires a little soapy water to keep vinyl frames looking fresh.

If you’re looking for an option where you can easily change the look of your window frames, wood windows may be a better option, as you are able to refinish. Painting vinyl windows may lead to damage in the functionality of your window, or void your warranty. 

Are vinyl windows energy efficient?

Vinyl windows increase protection against the weather while keeping your home cozy, and can even result in lower energy costs. While the frame plays a part in making your windows energy-efficient, the glass installed in a vinyl window is also key to making your home energy-efficient. 

Advanced Low-E insulating glass options can resist up to 97% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and the addition of non-toxic argon gas between window panes can help provide insulation from the cold. 

How durable are vinyl windows?

Vinyl windows are made to be exceptionally strong due to the non-corrosive compounds used while building the frame.  Changes in temperature and weather can cause minor expansion and contraction in most types of windows. Over time, this can develop gaps in your window frame, allowing more air to impact your room. Pella’s vinyl windows have fully welded corners to help reduce window frame warping and other difficulties that might come in operating the window.

Without a doubt, vinyl windows have become a great choice for builders wanting a home replacement window that includes style, strength and affordability. Whether you’re building a new home, adding a room or just wanting to replace your home windows with a more energy-efficient choice, take a look at what Pella vinyl windows bring. Contact your local Pella professional today for more information.

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