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How to hang curtains to enhance your windows

posted on September 28, 2017 in Global Blogs

Hanging curtains to maximize your windowsHanging curtains is a bigger deal than you might think. There’s more to it than buying curtains and a curtain rod and then following the instructions.

You want your curtains to complement your windows and the rest of your house, but you also want to do it the correct way. But what is the right way to hang curtains? Some experts say you should hang curtains high and wide to give the illusion of bigger windows. However, others say that your curtains should overlap the trim boards.

So, which way is better? We consulted three expert design bloggers, revealing quality advice on the best way to hang your curtains.

Kylie M. Interiors


“I rarely use 84” drapes anymore (the usual standard). I try to find 96” drapes so that I can choose where I want the rod to go and ‘hopefully’ it works out so that I don’t need to hem the drape, but usually there’s some hemming involved. I do like to hang the rod higher than not. This usually ends up being approximately ½ of the way between the top of the window trim and the ceiling line/crown molding. As for width, I like the drape to at least overlap the trim, if not a few inches of window (I don’t like to see trim peeking out). From there, I like to have enough drapery on either side of the window so that it looks like there is ‘more window’ on either side. Hiding the trim helps to encourage that illusion!” – Kylie M. Interiors

Seeking Lavender Lane

Deb“When hanging curtains, I generally place the curtain rod to the top of the ceiling to dramatize the look of the window and add height to a space. I have an eight-foot ceiling in my home, so adding a way to draw the eye up is important. If the curtain is placed to the top of the ceiling, then it should also graze the floor or puddle on the floor. Some of the best places to find a lengthier curtain is at Ikea. They usually have a longer than standard length window treatment, which is affordable and easy to work on any window. One of the other best ways to add a curtain that has the right length is by creating your own with DIY and affordable Drop Cloth Curtains. My tutorial shares how to create this without a sewing machine. Bonus!” – Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane

Nina and Cecilia

Nina-Cecilia“In our opinion, hanging curtains high and wide is the way to go. It makes a statement doing it this way, and makes the ceiling higher and space bigger. Plus, going wider than the window results in extra light coming through when the curtains are open. This is especially important when the home doesn't get much natural light. The photographer in us loves having as much natural light inside the house as possible.” – Niña and Cecilia

High and Wide is the Way to go

Hanging curtains high and wide

The design bloggers are all in agreement: hanging your curtains high and wide will enhance your windows and bring in more natural light.

While 84” curtains are usually the standard, using 96” curtains allows you to go higher and wider. You want your curtains to touch the floor and not be too short, and they can even “puddle” on the floor, if that’s your preference (that means they’re one or two inches too long).

When it comes to hanging the curtain rod, it’s best to hang it two to six inches from ceiling, and at least a foot outside of the window on both sides. This makes your windows appear larger and maximizes your space.

How to hang curtains

Like Kylie M Interiors mentioned, sometimes your curtains can be too long. In this case, you’ll have to hem them, which you can either do yourself or take them to a local dry cleaner.

As long as you remember high and wide when hanging your curtains, you can’t go wrong.


Getting new curtains can also be a good time to get new windows. For a variety of quality windows, visit your local Pella Showroom.

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