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How to winterize windows

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How to winterize your windowsAccording to the Farmer's Almanac, the upcoming winter of 2016/2017 is going to be one of the worst in recent history. In the Midwest, it's going to be even colder and more frigid than usual. If you're looking for ways to keep the heat inside your home and stay warm this season, winterizing your windows is one of the things you can do. To make sure your windows are in the best possible condition, we have some tips on how to winterize windows.

Inspect your windows

Inspect your windows as part of your annual home maintenance check-up. The sealant/caulking helps create a seal between the window frame and the exterior siding so it is extremely important that the sealant/caulking remain intact and in good condition. Have a look at the exterior of your windows where they meet the house and examine how well they are sealed. Pay particular attention to the caulking at the lower corners of windows and under joints between windows in combinations. Are there gaps in the caulking, or is it dry or brittle? If so, it may need to be replaced.

Check for improper drainage

How to weatherize your home for winter

Also, be sure to regularly check for leaks and improper drainage above or around vents and sprinkler systems that may subject your windows and patio doors to prolonged water exposure. 

Use weatherstripping

Weatherstripping on windows

After you are sure that the sealant is in good condition, you can use several products as weatherstripping for your windows. These include adhesive-backed foam that compresses between the window and the sash to seal gaps or leaks. Tubular rubber gaskets are hollow rubber tubes that help seal gaps. Felt is one of the oldest forms of weatherstripping, and still can do the job in a pinch, although it may not last as long. Spring V-seals are a metal or plastic strip that creates a tension seal to help prevent drafts.

Check your locks and closing mechanisms

Make sure your windows are locked for winter

Before the winter winds blow, make sure that all your locks are working properly. Then make sure that all your windows are firmly locked to help make sure you get the best possible winter seal on your windows.

Check sliding doors

Check sliding doors in winter

If your home has sliding patio doors, you should winterize those too. Sliding door tracks can accumulate debris and dirt. Make sure the tracks are clear before winter to help ensure the best seal. Most sliding doors have rollers on the bottom of the door. You should check them and adjust them to make sure you have a proper seal.

When winter winds blow, one of the best protections you have can be properly winterized windows. Check exterior seals, use weatherstripping where appropriate, make sure there is no debris in your sliding door tracks, and make sure all your locks and hardware are working properly. Keeping your windows in top condition is one of the best things you can do to help keep your home warm this winter. Use these tips to help make sure your windows are operating at peak efficiency and enjoy a cozy winter at home.

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