Should I install a wood entry door?

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Choosing a wood entry doorWe all want to see our homes reach their most beautiful potential. For many homeowners, a solid wood front door is the element needed to get the exact look they are seeking. A solid wood door can really make a statement. Whether you choose mahogany or walnut, you should find something they speaks to your exact tastes. It's always important to consider both the aesthetics and maintenance of a wooden front door.

Why choose a solid wood front door?

Wood doors are popular for their aesthetic appeal. Considered by many to most attractive material for a door, wood comes in a variety of species and can be painted or stained in an almost endless array of options. Many entry doors on the market today are trying to mimic the look of wood in some way - whether it’s a steel door stained to look like wood or a fiberglass door with wood grain. All three materials are great for entry doors, but the advantage of an authentic wood entry door is having the look, feel, and weight that only a true wood entry door can offer.

Architect Series Craftsman Style Wood Entry Door
Check out this stunning photo from a before and after project where a homeowner replaced an original front door on their 1984 home with an Architect Series craftsman-style door.

Long term care for wooden doors

Wood door with a covered entrance

Your local climate is one of the factors to think about before choosing a wood door. Temperature and humidity can play a role in the lifespan of a wood door. Other variables to consider include the direction your door will face (South and West exposures tend to expose a door to more sun) and whether or not your entry door is located under a covered entrance, overhang or porch roof. Depending on these variables a wood door could need to be refinished more often. Expansion and contraction of a wood panel is completely natural but can be minimized with proper refinishing and interior humidity of a home. Prior to selecting a wood entry door, you should consult the requirements that the manufacturer has for their warranty.

What to look for in a wood entry door

Updated entry door
When shopping for a wood door, look for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Pella wood doors feature a floating panel that helps protect the door from splitting or cracking. Pella’s exclusive factory-prefinishing process seals and protects the door while enhancing the beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

Wood entry door style

Pay attention to style as well. Wood is a versatile material that comes in a variety of options from single to double doors, multiple panel options, and styles. Wood offers a distinct look to complement many styles including traditional, craftsman, classic, and old world. Complete the look with decorative hardware, custom thresholds, or iron detailing to put the finishing touches on your main entrance. Explore different collections and options to find something that matches your house and your tastes.

Decorative hardware

Quality installation matters. When you decide to invest in a wood entry door, you'll benefit from having professional assistance to take your vision from a concept to a finished project.

Wood entry doors add beauty you can be proud of.

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