Spruce up for spring - tips on changing out decor for changing season

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Spruce up for Spring!There may be no more highly anticipated time of year than the first days of spring. As the snow melts, color returns to the trees, and the world around you begins to wake up from its long sleep, it is also a great opportunity to change your indoor environment. There are plenty of directions to take that will infuse a new, fresh energy into your everyday surroundings, and starting off with a few simple solutions could be the way to find the inspiration you are looking for. Try a few of these spring decor ideas for yourself, and turn your spring into a celebration of light and color.

The first few steps

The first few steps

Nothing says spring like flowers, and when you are thinking through spring décor, start with your front porch. Look for ways to add a splash of color that you’ll enjoy every day. Just imagine how you might incorporate a few additional bursts of green, yellow, or orange to create an inviting look. To add a splash of color, look for opportunities in your front porch furniture, which can be easily transformed with a coat of paint or new cushions. One more quick idea is a brand new doormat that exclaims everything you love about the season. Take a look at Pantone’s 2017 color of the year for fresh color inspiration.

Spring wreath

Greeting the world

Do not be afraid to take a page from winter’s playbook once the weather warms up. If you want to find opportunities to add some new life to your windows or entry door, try a spring wreath, which can serve as an excellent centerpiece that shows off everything the season has to offer. They come in all sizes and varieties, so make sure to choose the color and style that fits your personality best, or gather supplies from a craft or discount store and try your hand at a custom wreath. It’s an easy DIY that you may enjoy creating.

Greeting guests

Greeting new guests

Your home’s entryway is a great place to take care of all the practical details that come with spring. Make sure to leave a place for wet umbrellas, coats, and shoes for the rainier months. While serving an important purpose they can also be seen as another design opportunity, to add a few new charming details to any entryway.


Improve your view

Improve your view

Don’t forget your window interiors. Swapping heavy drapes or curtains for a lighter window valance could be an excellent option to let in more light and allow air flow when the windows are open. And since they tend to be a bit less expensive than their more cloth-intensive counterparts, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. If you are looking to invest in a larger centerpiece from your room, why not double its exposure and place it near one of your central windows, making it visible from outside.


Spring Accessories


Spring decor home choices can be big or small, and depending on your budget you can go in either direction. A new set of placemats that match the color and mood of the season can be a simple way to change things up. Choose bright warm colors, or cool pastels to set the right tone. You could also try switching out your bedding, which is a great way to wake up to the new season each and every day. Maybe choose a pattern that captures the fresh, organic qualities of the season. Even something as small as changing out the throw pillows on your couch or bed can make a big impact. Adding small accessories with pops of color to bookshelves or end tables also add a touch of spring to your home.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Take the opportunity to review your home and look for things that no longer represent your style or taste. Spring is an excellent time to clean, refresh, and renew your home.

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