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Winter window replacement

posted on January 02, 2017 in Global Blogs

Replacing your windows in the winterIt’s blustery and cold outside, wind blowing and temperatures dropping. When temperatures drop, you may be more aware of the failures with your current windows. If you have air leaks, moisture leaking into the home, or a cracked and dangerous window, winter window replacement is possible.

Can windows be replaced in the winter?

Yes, winter weather will not prevent you from having new replacement windows installed in your home. Extra precautions will be taken to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable during the install.

Replace windows in winter and potentially see an immediate difference in comfort

Homeowners who replace windows during winter months can potentially notice an immediate difference in the level of comfort after the replacement. In addition to added comfort, you may experience energy savings for the rest of the heating season. If your windows are in need of replacement, it’s not necessary to wait for warmer weather.

Replace windows in the winter for “off season” deals

Not only is window replacement often easier to schedule during winter months, many installers and window companies offer discounts, sales, or other incentives during this season. Check with your installer for current promotions.

Winter Window Replacement Precautions

A good window installer will take extra care with winter installs to help conserve the warmth inside the home and minimize exposure to the outside elements. “Our installers will install one window in one room at a time, closing off each room as we go so we don’t expose the rest of your home to the elements.  If we are unable to seal the room off we will use a temporary wall called a zip wall to contain each opening,” says Jennifer Boyden, Sales Administrator for Pella Greenfield. “After all is said and done we do extra cleaning to leave you house cleaner than when we arrived.”

A common tactic with winter window installs is using one installer inside the home and another outside as a way to reduce opening and closing doors and minimize tracking snow and dirt throughout the house. Window installers may take other precautions to protect your home during the winter as well including:

  • Using drop cloths throughout the home to protect flooring from dust, debris, or footprints.
  • Preparations of new window and all surfaces to minimize the time the opening is left unprotected
  • Additional cleaning after install

Winter window installation may take a little extra preparation to remove the old window and a little extra cleaning afterward, but it is possible and professional installers are ready and prepared to face the weather in order to install windows properly in any weather condition. “After all is said and done we do extra cleaning to leave you house cleaner than when we arrived,” says Boyden.

Hiring the right window installer for the job will help ensure that your home is kept clean and comfortable during a winter window installation. View our handy list of questions to ask when evaluating window installers for additional items to consider.

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