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Harrisburg Trend of the Month: July and the Pros and Cons of Wood Vs. Fiberglass Entry Doors

posted by Becca Cornell on August 22, 2019 in Harrisburg

Our sales team sees some of the best and newest trends when they’re out spending time with their customers and helping them to replace their windows and doors. They’re all throughout our city each and every day both seeing and installing some of the newest, most modern trends. When it comes to modernizing and updating your home, you couldn’t take advice from a better source! Luckily we’re curating the month’s trends that we’ve noticed in Harrisburg, every single month. July’s trend of the month? Harrisburg homeowners are renovating and upgrading their homes by replacing their entry doors with wood and fiberglass entry doors!

The best part about the seemingly impossible choice that is fiberglass versus wood, is that you really can’t go wrong, and either way, your door will be the talk of the neighborhood. Linda from two doors down will be jealous she didn’t upgrade first and will be dying to know where you got your beautiful new door, whether it’s wood or fiberglass. Regardless of how great being the talk of the neighborhood will be, it’s not Linda’s opinion that matters, it’s yours. Finding the right door, that not only looks amazing , but also fits your needs is of the utmost importance.

This will really help you to make your decision on your entry door. So what’s the difference between wood and fiberglass?

Wood Entry Doors

Wood entry door




-each door, piece of wood, is completely unique

-traditional look



-superior and natural insulation


-high maintenance

-higher chances of warp

-higher chances of sagging

-regular paint and/or stain touch-ups

-susceptible to chipping

-can be pricey

Fiberglass Entry Doors

fiberglass entry door


-extremely durable

-extremely low maintenance

-customizable appearance

-premium options offer wood grains (to get the look of real wood)

-resilience is great for security


-fittings should be done by a pro, not easy to resize a fiberglass door

-more difficult to match historically

-less traditional aesthetic

Both wood and fiberglass doors are great entry door options, however, what it really comes down to is your own preferences and priorities. Once you know those, you’ll find the perfect entry door for your home.

Becca Cornell

About The Author

Becca joined the Gunton and Pella Digital Marketing team nearly a year ago and she likes to think it’s been a whirlwind of a digital adventure ever since. When she’s not creating content for Gunton and Pella’s website or social media pages she’s actively trying to convince her office that everyday should be “bring your dog to work day”. She’s a  graduate of Lake Erie College with an English and Communications Bachelor’s degree and resides in Painesville Ohio, with her boyfriend and their dog, Mason.

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*Study of homeowner perceptions of leading national brands. Study commissioned by Pella, 2021.