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In Memphis' Extreme Weather Conditions, Pella Windows Perform

posted on December 09, 2021 in Memphis

When you think of windows, you typically think of them as vessels that allow us to see the outside world from inside our comfortable homes or as a source of natural light for the house. You rarely think of the way windows perform with drastic temperature changes from hot and muggy to chilly or even below freezing, unless of course your windows tend to let outside weather changes in, because then it might be all you can think about. 

How Weather Impacts Windows

Weather conditions play a huge part in the lifespan of your windows. If you live somewhere hot, the heat can cause window frames to expand, which can ruin their tight seals and create gaps for cool, indoor air to escape, and hot, outdoor air to sneak in. Conversely, colder weather will cause windows to contract. This could lead to unsightly gaps between your window frames and sills. Extreme sunlight can also cause wear and tear on windows as well, namely in the form of faded or peeling frames. If you have windows facing the sun, they will likely require a replacement sooner than your other windows. 

In Memphis, weather conditions run the gamut. From our hot, sunny and humid summers to our wet and freezing winters, windows in the Memphis-area feel both extremes and can be prone to some of the weather-related impacts we mentioned.

On average, there are 57 days per year in Memphis where temperatures reach over 90 degrees, making it one of the hottest spots in Tennessee. Memphis also receives an average 54 inches of rain annually, with December being the wettest month. Unfortunately, these are adverse conditions for run-of-the-mill windows to endure in. Fortunately, Pella windows aren't run-of-the-mill. In fact, they're perfectly suited for Memphis' extreme seasonal weather. 

Choosing Windows Suited to the Weather

With Pella windows, you don't need to choose between style and durability; you can have both. Plus, our energy-efficient replacement window options meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR certification in all 50 states.  Not only will you enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment where outside weather and temperature conditions stay outside, but your wallet will feel the positive effects of our efficient windows as well, thanks to a reduced energy bill.


We offer three primary materials for replacement windows. These are:

  • Wood - Known for its lengthy lifespan, wood is the most common material for windows. 
  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass windows are solid, durable and known for requiring minimal maintenance. 
  • Vinyl - Considered to be the most economical, vinyl is built with weather compounds that are more resistant to extreme heat- and cold-related damage. 

Glass Selection

Another way you can improve your window longevity is by opting for double- or triple-pane windows. Double-pane windows will offer effective insulation against cold or heat, while triple-pane windows protect against weather-related elements, decrease moisture buildup and drafts and help with noise reduction

Memphis Weather Has Met Its Match

These days, there are many choices for replacement windows. If you are ready to remodel or you are building a home, consider the exceptional quality and energy efficiency of Pella windows. When you visit the Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown showroom, our window specialists can help you decide which styles and materials will work best in your home. We can help keep you cool in the hot Memphis summers and warm on the coldest nights. 

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