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Open Up Your Midwest Home with Patio Doors

posted on July 09, 2021 in Midwest

Exterior view of hinged patio doors

Houses are so much more than walls. You may feel comfortable inside, but there is something to be said for a home that embraces its natural surroundings. And when you live in the Midwest, the skies are clear and the temperature cool, the last place you want to be is inside. Patio doors are your ticket to an afternoon spent relaxing under the summer sun or an evening under the stars in the fall. Open up your home by connecting your indoor living space with the outdoors.

Patio Doors Connect the Indoors with the Outdoors

Your typical Midwestern climate consists of summers that are hot and winters that are cold. You’re going to experience all four seasons, but as any current resident can attest, the spring, summer and fall often bring the kind of weather that makes it difficult to stay inside. Patio doors offer a bridge to the outdoors, connecting your indoor living space with a patio, deck or backyard for when there’s no place you’d rather spend your day than outside.

But patio doors can be so much more than an opening. Sliding glass patio doors, for example, can create the illusion of a larger space in your home because they don’t require anything more than wall space. Then there are the glass panels of your patio doors, which can help make your home more energy-efficient when you choose insulating glass. When the Illinois weather is less than hospitable during the winter, keep the elements where they belong -- outside.

It’s also important to understand that there are different styles of patio doors, and all you have to do is explore your options to find the set that is best suited to your home’s style.

Find the Ideal Patio Door Style for Your Home

Not all patio doors are created the same. In fact, the style of patio door that you choose for your home can help set the tone for a space. Take for example French patio doors. Hinged from the side, French patio doors swing open from the center, either into the interior of the home or to the outside. These patio doors are versatile enough to be used in contemporary spaces, but especially complement the symmetrical features of traditional and historic homes.

But the elegance of French patio doors may not be what your home needs. If you are the owner of a more contemporary home, sliding glass patio doors could be the better fit. Operating along a track that sits within the frame, sliding patio doors allow you to conserve space since they don’t open inward or outward. They also allow more natural light to filter into your home.

The most decidedly modern choice for your home would be bifold patio doors. Bifold patio doors consist of two or more glass panels hinged together to open accordion-style. You can outfit your home with an entire wall of glass panels, which you can customize to fold inward or outward.

Patio Doors for Your Midwest Home

Champaign is a city with a style all its own, and that style extends to the residential architectural styles throughout the area. It’s a Central Illinois city that is host to a number of traditional and ranch style homes that blend modern and traditional design styles. When you cross the state line to Indiana, Evansville is another city with a rich history of architecture. From the Colonial Revivals of Evansville’s historic neighborhoods to the city’s twentieth century bungalows, there is something to suit the style of every homeowner.

The good news is that Pella patio doors are available in enough unique styles that there is certain to be a set that will complement their home’s architectural style. From the charm of French patio doors to the convenience of sliding glass doors, the choice is yours.

To get a closer look at our patio doors, visit your nearest showroom. Our team can help you find the set of patio doors that will seamlessly bridge your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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