Window Materials: Which frame is best - wood, vinyl, or fiberglass?

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Which frame is best - wood, vinyl, or fiberglass?

If you search for "window materials" on places like Google you'll find dozens of articles listing the pros and cons of various window frame materials, especially for three popular and widely used materials: wood, vinyl and fiberglass; and, when you get done reading all of those articles you might not be closer to deciding which one is best.

That’s because, in many ways, the best window frame for your home comes down to personal choice. As all of those experts say, each material has its benefits. We can fulfill your needs with a wide variety of options of window materials, shapes and sizes, so by telling you about the benefits, hopefully we can make your decision a much easier one.

In this three-part series on window frame materials, we’ll talk about  wood, vinyl and fiberglass and what Pella Omaha has to offer for each. First, wood.

Wood, for the Traditionalist

Wood is a natural insulator, as well as a natural sound barrier. And, many would argue, wood is the best-looking material, too.

Wood can be repainted indefinitely, and is an environmentally friendly choice since wood is a renewable source.

Architect Series

At Pella Omaha, the Architect Series offers exquisitely detailed wood windows, with several pros:

  • Custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns, exterior colors and more
  • Eight naturally beautiful wood interiors with fine-furniture detailing
  • Exceptional energy efficiency

When you want your home to present stunningly beautiful craftsmanship, these are the windows for you. They feature an authentic, long-lasting beauty of wood that has a distinctive, fine-furniture detailing that adds drama and architectural interest to your home. Plus, you can choose from a variety of hardware styles and finishes.

Whether it’s Mahogany, Alder, Douglas Fir, Pine, White Oak, Cherry, Red Oak or Maple, Pella Omaha has a wood that is perfect for your home. And with Pella’s EnduraGuard wood protection, your windows will have advanced protection against the effects of moisture, decay and stains from mold and mildew – as well as termite damage.

Furthermore, a low-maintenance aluminum-clad exterior with EnduraClad protective finish resists fading and helps protect the exterior for years.

Designer Series and Pella ProLine

Pella Omaha also offers a Designer Series and Pella ProLine, each with their own benefits. For the Designer Series, the windows feature exclusive snap-in widow fashion technology, in addition to:

  • Between-the-glass blinds, shades, decorative panels, grilles
  • Pella’s most decorative style choices so you can continue to updated your look over time
  • Window fashions protected from dust and damage

Meanwhile, the Pella ProLine series offers the beauty of wood at a competitive price, as well as:

  • Pella’s most popular styles, sizes, features and options
  • Three distinctive grille types a traditional look.
  • Pella wood craftsmanship at a competitive price
  • Exceptional energy efficiency

In our next post, we will cover the pros of vinyl window frames.

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