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Tips to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal this Summer

posted by Becca Cornell on June 25, 2020 in Philadelphia

Summer is, by far, one of the prettiest times of the year outside. The sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant blue and the grass is never greener. With all the beauty surrounding you, you want to make sure your home is a contributing factor to the neighborhood's overall curb appeal. Try some of these tips, ranging from quick and easy to a few that take a little bit more planning, to increase your home’s curb appeal this summer.

home with siding

Powerwash Your Siding

While you may not notice it from day to day, the dirt that builds up on the outside of your home will surprise you! If you’re looking to make your home shine, a good power wash to your siding will be just the right answer for you. Not only will your home look cleaner, but the color will also be brighter.

Paint Your Trim, Shutters or Porch

Usually due to wear and tear, but also due to harsh winters, the paint on certain features of your home is going to wear much faster than any paint you might have inside. While it might not be necessary to completely repaint every year, taking a day to touch up worn, faded or chipped spots can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. Consider as well re-staining your porch, especially if you have one in the front of your home.

Clean Your Gutters

While this may seem like a simple fix, it’s often one that goes overlooked. Gutters surround the roof and sides of your home, making sure they’re cleaned out and paint-chip free will give your home a more clean and well-kept look, vastly improving its curb appeal.

Update or Upgrade Your Landscaping

While you may do some basic landscaping every year, upgrading it, adding some color in the form of flowers, and changing up your lawn decor can give your home a fresh new look.

Replace Your Entry Door or Focal Point Window

picture bay window

Homes tend to have one of two focal points from the outside; either a large and beautiful picture window or a grand and eye-catching entryway. Whichever your home has, it’s important that it’s kept in tip-top shape since it will be the most eye-catching feature of your home. If your entryway or picture window is starting to show signs of wear and tear it might be time to get a second opinion and start thinking about how you’d like to replace it.

Re-Pave or Re-Gravel Your Driveway

Think of your driveway as the red carpet of your home. If it’s dull, shabby, or cracked, it’s going to affect the appeal and overall look of your home. Getting your driveway repaved can have benefits beyond the aesthetic as well as it can lessen the wear and tear of your car as well.

Trying some or a few of these tips will be sure to have your home in tip-top shape and looking absolutely beautiful!

Becca Cornell

About The Author

Becca joined the Gunton and Pella Digital Marketing team nearly a year ago and she likes to think it’s been a whirlwind of a digital adventure ever since. When she’s not creating content for Gunton and Pella’s website or social media pages she’s actively trying to convince her office that everyday should be “bring your dog to work day”. She’s a  graduate of Lake Erie College with an English and Communications Bachelor’s degree and resides in Painesville Ohio, with her boyfriend and their dog, Mason.

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