Are Your Windows Prepared for Winter?

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If your windows are cold to the touch or you can feel cold air blowing in, that is a sure sign that your windows are leaking money. Old or outdated windows can increase your energy costs by upwards of 20%. A good way to determine if your windows are the culprit when it comes to your energy bills is to hold a candle or lighter near the window — if the flame flickers your windows are letting the cold in and the heat out. Another hallmark sign that your windows might not be ready for winter is if outside noise is consistently being let in. If you frequently hear traffic or people outside, your windows are likely to blame.

Advances in window design such as double-pane glass and the addition of argon gas can help eliminate both outside noise and increase energy efficiency. Pella offers many varieties of windows that can help make your home quieter and more energy efficient. For more information on upgrading to energy-efficient windows, visit one of our showrooms to connect with a Pella expert or request a free in-home consultation.

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