Builder Profile: Why Veridian Homes Focuses on Going Green in Wisconsin

Builder Profile: Why Veridian Homes Focuses on Going Green in Wisconsin

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Veridian Homes in Madison, Wisconsin, has been building houses for families around Dane County, as well as in the Milwaukee area, for more than six decades. Over the last 15 years, the family-owned builder has made sustainable, energy-efficient homes one of its specialties.

"Veridian has been building energy-efficient, 'green' homes since 2001," says Marketing Manager Chelsey Lammers. "That's more than 5,000 homes to date!"

So what is it that makes Veridian Homes unique when it comes to the way they build homes?

There are certain standards green builders can follow and meet. Some companies use Wisconsin Focus on Energyâ„ , while others follow Green Built Home™ standards. Veridian uses them both.

Kurtis Anderson of Perfect Environmental Performance in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, points out that Veridian also uses the Wisconsin DNR's Green Tier program ( /greentier/) during the building process.

"Not only does this greatly reduce the environmental impact of their builds, but it also results in an extremely organized and clean work environment." Anderson explains.

Perfect Environmental Performance  is a third-party service, which builders can hire to test the energy efficiency of a project. Anderson has seen many homes from a variety of builders, and he confirms that Veridian is in front of the pack when it comes to energy efficiency. That's because it's committed to using some of the best materials and  efficient methods.

"This combination of product and process, and willingness to try something new and innovative, solidifies Veridian as a national leader in the 'go green' front," he says.


Sealing the ceiling of an energy-efficient house from Veridian Homes.

"The products and processes that Veridian uses in every home are specifically selected for their ability to provide energy efficiency, comfort and durability in Wisconsin's climatic changes, which can result in a better end product for our homeowners," Lammers says.

Anderson says, because homeowners use windows and doors nearly every day, those products should exceed expectations for both functionality and energy efficiency.

"An exceptional window or door will not only be energy efficient, but it will seal very well after repeated use.," he says.

Anderson adds that there is a good reason for builders and homeowners to go with Pella products.

"Most window manufacturers can claim energy efficient windows (tested in a controlled environment), but Veridian chooses Pella for their design.  The bottom line, in our experience, Pella’s design seals better than most."

Today's consumer wants an energy efficient house. While it's true that going green is better for the environment, that's not the biggest motivation for homeowners. According to Anderson, it's about the impact on their wallets.

Cost is an important consideration for any purchase. After buying or building a home, you know what your monthly mortgage payment will be. Your utility bill on the other hand, that can fluctuate. An energy-efficient home can help keep those bills in check.

"As I was once told; you will pay for a mortgage for a set number of years, but utilities will cost you a lifetime," Anderson says. "Incorporating both energy efficiency and sustainable building practices decreases demand on utilities, which can make a house more affordable and desirable."

Check out the graphic below to see what this builder does to make those savings possible.

Examples of Veridian's High-Performing Features


Yet another system Veridian uses to assess the efficiency of the homes it builds is called the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

This nationally recognized index produces a rating by comparing the energy efficiency of various homes. Below you can see where a typical Veridian Homes project falls. It's more than twice as efficient as the typical used home and significantly better than the typical ENERGY STAR® approved home.


"Veridian's dedication can result in a high quality of life for anyone that chooses to be part of their 'green' family," Anderson says.

More About Veridian Homes

Green building isn't the only thing Veridian Homes is known for. The company has a long list of local and national industry awards, backing up its track record with homeowners. They work closely with clients throughout the entire process to create a unique experience.

Veridian uses what it calls New Home Specialists  to help guide people from design through construction while offering advice on financing as well. You'll also have an in-house architect, work with an interior design consultant, a personal builder, and a personal customer care representative.

Veridian has design studios located in Madison and Milwaukee, Schedule a visit today!

And, learn more about Veridian by watching this video: 

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