Famous Windows of Wisconsin

Famous Windows of Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is synonymous with a few things: football, cheese curds, rolling farmland, and ... windows? If you're an architecture buff, you can stay within state lines and enjoy some truly magnificent windows. Let's take a ride through the Badger State to celebrate Wisconsin's landmark windows.

1. North Hearing Room Skylight I Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison (Pictured Above)

A splendid skylight comprised of thirty intricate flower windows bathes the North Hearing Room’s yellow Verona marble and Charles Yardley Turner murals in golden light. (Photo via Mark Baylor, Flickr)

2. The Infinity Room | House on the Rock, Spring Green

Infinity room, House on the Rock - Presented By Pella Windows & Doors of WI

At the House on the Rock, 3,264 windows stretch 218 feet over the scenic valley below, creating an illusion of never-ending space. (Photo via Steven Depolo, Flickr)

3. Wig-Wam Skylight | Wingspread, Lake Delton

Wig-Wam Skylight - Presented by Pella Windows & Doors of WI

The Herbert F. Johnson House, popularly known as Wingspread, is the largest and most dramatic of Wisconsin-born icon Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School homes. Here, sunlight streams in through rows of clerestory windows to illuminate the central chimney. (Photo via Richie DiesterheftFlickr)

4. Half Circle Stained Glass Window | Basilica of St. Josaphat, Milwaukee

Half Circle Stained Glass Window - Presented by Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

A half-circle window glows in shades of magenta and crimson at Milwaukee’s Polish Cathedral-style basilica. St. Josaphat is modeled after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and features stained glass imported from Austria. (Photo via Sharon Mollerus, Flickr)

5. Gilded Age Entrance | Pabst Mansion, Milwaukee

Pabst Mansion, Gilded Age Entrance - Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

At 2000 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee stands Wisconsin’s great Gilded Age mansion, the Flemish Renaissance-style Pabst Mansion. The mansion’s entrance is a testament to the sumptuousness of the period, with stately windows and doors adorned with ornate wrought iron grilles and hardware. (Photo via Ed Bierman, Flickr)

6. Reading Room | Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison

Reading room, Wisconsin Historical Society - Presented by Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

Soaring 30 feet above the Wisconsin Historical Society’s reading room are lovingly restored skylights. The ceiling’s faux-skylights were rebuilt as part of a $2.9 million project in 2010, where designers painstakingly recreated the room’s original look from written descriptions, old blueprints, and a single hand-tinted postcard. (Photo via James Steakley, Wikimedia Commons

7. Gothic Bay Window | Paine Art Center and Gardens, Oshkosh

Gothic Bay Window - Paine Art Center - Presented by Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

Commissioned in 1925 by Nathan and Jessie Paine, this mainly Tudor Revival mansion is constructed in alternating styles to give the appearance of having been built over the course of three centuries. Here, a trefoil lancet bay window trends toward Gothic Revival and is accented by diamond grilles. This memorable window is set in Kasota limestone from Minnesota. (Photo via Zach Chisholm, Flickr)

It’s clear—windows are the defining feature of almost any structure, from Gilded Age mansions and basilicas to newly constructed ranches in the Wisconsin suburbs. For careful creators and architectural historians, we crafted the Architect Series® Reserve™ line. We worked closely with architects to discover the details and customization options they need to design products authentic to history and aligned with project specifications. Give us a call at 800.242.1008 today to learn more.

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