Tips On How to Turn an Old Window into a Dry Erase Board

Tips On How to Turn an Old Window into a Dry Erase Board

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An old window, a few easy steps, and some elbow grease is all that stands between you and a piece of functional, classy décor for your home, apartment or classroom!

Things you’ll need:

  • An old window (with glass)
  • Gentle cleaning supplies for the glass
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer and Paint OR Wood Stain
  • Paper, scissors, and tape OR a piece of plywood cut to window size, a hammer, and small tack nails
  • (Optional) Accent pieces and glue to attach to the window frame

1. Find a Window

This step is self-explanatory, but believe it or not, you’ll have quite a few choices for windows, depending on where you look – antique shops, thrift stores, yard sales, Craigslist or your own property.

As long as the window has glass with minimal wear, it’ll give you plenty to work with!

Remember to check the window for lead-based paint to ensure the window is safe to use. Make sure the window is durable as well. You don’t want to put in the work of upcycling a window into a dry erase board, only for it to be unsafe or fall apart a few weeks later.

Priming and painting a wood window frame can help you match your home's design. Photo credit: diynet

2. Clean, Paint or Stain

Once you have a window in hand, you’ll need to decide on a design for your dry erase board.

Do you want the window to keep its classic, antique vibe? Just a simple cleaning of the window will do. Removing old paint, cleaning, priming and repainting with a favorite color can complement the rest of your décor. Even sanding and re-staining a wood window frame plays up its unique character.

The finished project makes for a useful memo board in a kitchen. Photo credit:

3. Add a Background and Other Accent Pieces

To make messages stand out, a background behind the glass is essential. Plain paper will do the trick. If you’re aching for the background to really pop, colored paper, patterned paper or even a piece of painted plywood works wonders.

Taping the paper to the back of the window frame will allow for easy access and background changes in the future. For a more permanent look, hammering in small tack nails will hold the plywood in place.

For the ambitious, adding accent pieces – beads, gems, hardware, clothes pins for memos, etc. – along the window frame is encouraged.

4. Flip, Hang and Write Away!

Flip the window over and see how your background looks. Any last minute changes should be done now. If you’re satisfied with your finished dry erase board, find a place for it and start writing!

Not sure where to start? If your current windows could use an upgrade, stop by Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin at one of our showroom locations. Our experienced, customer-focused sales professionals help Wisconsin homeowners replace aging wood windows each year. So be creative! Upcycle one of those old windows as a dry erase board and explore other countless DIY opportunities.

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