New in 2016 - Pella Premium Exterior Color Options

New in 2016 - Pella Premium Exterior Color Options

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Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin is excited to announce a small but significant change for the New Year.

Starting in 2016, homeowners will be able to choose premium exterior color options without any additional costs!

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when constructing a new home. Often, they are decisions builders and architects help the homeowners make.

If you're working with a client on selecting and installing windows for a new home, you may have dealt with a homeowner who wanted a specific color for their exterior finish.

But perhaps they were unpleasantly surprised to learn it was going to cost extra.

Sometimes these decisions are made during later stages of the project, or the homeowners see something else they like and change their minds. The problem is - they didn't budget for the change.

That won't be an issue any more thanks to Pella.

Now homeowners can choose from any of the 27 options from Pella's Enduraclad® Exterior Color Collection and it won't be an extra cost.

Choosing a distinct color for the exterior finish around windows in a new home is an excellent way to add character. It can also improve curb appeal and create a personal sense of style, making the home stand out from others on the block. For example, the custom log home pictured in this article features Pella windows with a brick red exterior finish.

It's always satisfying to give people the home they truly want - right down to the final finishing touches. If you're a builder or architect, that just got easier thanks to Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin.


A selection of premium exterior color options from Pella.

Not only can people choose premium options, their possibilities have also increased exponentially. Do you have clients that want basic white inside their home, but are picturing a bolder color for outside their home? Now there's nothing holding them back and nothing keeping you from completing the project.

Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin is committed to providing the right options for virtually any budget. That's why there are so many selections- not only for color choices, but for materials, energy efficiency, and window treatments as well virtually any custom shape or style you can imagine.

All of that gives both you and your client's flexibility, which you won't get from many of Pella's competitors in the market.

If you have questions about exterior finishes or anything else related to how Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin can assist you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact us today or call 1-800-242.1008. You can also stop in to visit one of our Pella Windows and Doors showrooms. We have locations in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton and Brookfield.

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