Project Profile: Award-Winning Project from Connor Remodeling & Design

Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin Project Profile: Award-Winning Project from Connor Remodeling & Design

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Connor Remodeling & Design remodel project with Pella wood windows.

Connor Remodeling & Design’s Remodel Project in Shorewood, WI.

Ken Connor knows people. Not just how people think and what remodeling needs they may have but, after personally investing more than 33 years in the business, he knows a lot of people. One family thankful for his knowledge and connections are homeowners in Shorewood, WI, who had a unique request for Ken and his company, Connor Remodeling & Design of Menomonee Falls: turn a basement into a luxury recreation center. 

Fortunately, Connor Remodeling & Design had already established trust with the customer, completing many projects over the years on their 94-year-old home. A backyard patio, bathroom, kitchen, and an exercise room were all transformed to fit the owner’s lifestyle and personal preferences; something Connor’s company is particularly passionate about. But, when the request for the elaborate basement makeover came to Ken, he was a bit surprised.

“This was an unusual request, in fact one we’ve never pulled off in the company’s 10-year history,” Connor said.

Connor and his team knew it would be one of their biggest challenges yet, converting the home’s basement, once the home’s original garage, into a recreation center with amentities similar to what you would find at a local spa, gym, and YMCA combined for exercise and relaxation. With a proven process and an experienced crew, the award-winning team was confident they could deliver.

Connor Loves a Challenge 

The basement before the remodel done by Connor using wood windows from Pella.

Before: The basement served as a kids’ play area.

The three-story home, built in 1923 on bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, included a full basement, part of which used to be a garage that featured a turntable to spin vehicles around for easy exiting. That space was then adopted as a mini-skate park by the family’s children. However, recent changes in the family’s lifestyle presented the need for a low impact spot for physical therapy with plenty of light and ventilation. It would also serve as recreation for the kids.

With a clearly defined mission, Connor knew he had to compile an elite team of architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting technicians and pother experts to pull off this remodel project. That’s where he turned to the network of professionals he’d built throughout the years.

Once the design was conceived, plans were drawn, assignments were given and the work began. Connor not only successfully assembled and supervised 33 separate crews during the 7-month-long project, but he kept them motivated, on task and on schedule.

“This project required 300 percent more crew than a normal project,” Connor says. “In order to complete a project of this nature, you need the right players at the right time doing the right things. I personally led the effort to ensure every detail was orchestrated properly.”

Trust Goes a Long Way

Home office of Connor Remodeling & Design.

Connor Remodeling & Design's home office. 

Trust is an important part of any project. A homeowner needs to trust the contractor to bring their vision to life, and the contractor needs to rely on partners who can deliver. That’s why Connor Remodeling & Design has always turned to Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin.

“Pella is our go-to product,” Connor says. “In fact, even when I built my new home, I used Pella,” he adds.

Just like with previous remodel projects, selecting Pella windows and doors was a natural choice. The homeowners had already experienced the craftsmanship and quality with the installation of a new patio door and several Pella windows throughout the home. To connect the rest of the house with the aesthetics of the new recreation space, Connor’s team selected a matching finish in an assortment of products, including another sliding patio door and various windows, all from the Pella® Designer Series®.  

“We used a few different window styles to really focus on the homeowner’s needs; casement, double-hung, picture, and awning. Pella had the solution for each situation,” Connor explains.

John Sudar, Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin sales representative, explains more. “For this project, Pella triple pane windows and doors were selected with energy efficiency in mind. Windows with disappearing Rolscreens® take advantage of the beautiful views of Lake Michigan,” he says.

“I visited the home a number of times during remodeling, and I was impressed with the team Ken assembled and the quality of the project,” Sudar says. “I’ve worked with Connor Remodeling for well over 20 years and have always found Ken to be one of the most professional, prompt and thorough people I have ever met,” he adds.

"Team" Truly Is a Collaboration 

A view of the space's patio doors from Pella at night.

A night view of the patio doors. 

The collaborative effort continues to pay off for the Shorewood family who is enjoying the new space built to suit their needs. They’ve enjoyed the new recreation space.

The project has also earned Connor Remodeling & Design a 2017 NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) CotY Award.

This is a very prominent annual award recognizes contractors from seven regions in the country. Winners are based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, degree of difficulty and entry presentation; all aspects the basement remodel exemplifies.

“We pledge to our clients that they’ll feel that their project is the most important thing we do each day,” Connor says. “We promise to deliver a finished result that exceeds each client’s expectations and delivers value and quality. This ... project happens to be a perfect example of inspiring other crews with our company’s values to make something great,” he says.

Here for You 

Continual improvements at the home.

Additional, recent improvements include a large-screen TV.

If you’re interested in working with Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin on your next project, contact us today to find out how we can help you. We have a dedicated sales staff that cannot only help with residential remodels, but with new construction builds and even large commercial projects. 

The remodeled home featured in this project profile continues to undergo improvements, utilizing the skills of Connor and his team and using products from Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin. Photos in this post provided by Connor Remodeling & Design.

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