People of Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin: Meet Gina Della

People of Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin: Meet Gina Della

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Gina Della from Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

Gina Della

Green Bay Packers fans around Wisconsin and Upper Michigan have no doubt heard her voice. Now you can put a face with the name and learn more about Gina Della from Pella!

Gina's voice comes into homes and vehicles all over the state via our sponsorship with the Packers Radio Network. However, she does a lot more than just the voiceover work.

We asked Gina to tell us more about herself and what her job is like in this latest edition of People of Pella!

Tell us about your role at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin. What's your job and what do you do?

I am the General Manager of In-Home Sales. As General Manager, I am responsible for day-to-day operations, managing sales and installation personnel. I'm also involved in strategic management, including business plan, sales strategy development, and full fiscal responsibility for all replacement sales.

Plus, I am privileged to have the opportunity each year to train the sales managers and sales consultants of 3-4 Pella corporately owned branches.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?

By far, there are two equally enjoyable parts of my job: Training our team of sales consultants and sales managers, as well as training reps and managers across the nation for Pella Corporate on our selling process.

Have you been recognized by any customers or listeners yet?

Yes, I have. The first two weeks after the commercials aired my voicemail, text, and email just blew up. Strangers make me laugh the most.

I was checking into the Aloft Hotel in Green Bay, and when I said my name to the front desk gal, the customer waiting in line behind me said "You are Gina Della from Pella? I love your commercials. It's like a story. We look forward to hearing what the next one will be when they change."

A voicemail to my office line last week really warmed my heart. It was from Dr. Ron Labinski, my retired 80-plus-year-old dentist who just wanted to let me know that he knew I would grow up to be successful, and I've really made it working for Pella.

With the holidays quickly approaching, what are you looking forward to most?

My favorite time of the year is the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

We always say we have to make time for family and then life gets in the way. This time of year, I look forward to bringing both sides of my family together on several occasions. There is nothing more important.

Along with the holidays, Gina has some other excellent reasons to celebrate. She is being awarded with Pella's prestigious Director's Award for 2016, and her retail segment won a national Growth Award as well as a President's Club Award.

Congrats to Gina Della and her entire in-home sales team at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin!

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