People of Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin: Ross Sobacki

People of Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin: Ross Sobacki

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Pella Window and Doors Retail Sales Rep Ross Sobacki

Retail Sales Rep Ross Sobacki. 

Name:  Ross Sobacki

Title:  Retail Sales Rep

How long have you been with Pella?  13 years

Tell us about your role at Pella. What is your job and what do you do? I am a Retail Sales Rep that deals directly with customers.  Homeowners invite us to their homes to look at replacing old windows and doors and we navigate with them through the Pella offering, showing how our products can fill their needs.

What is your favorite part about working for Pella? Why?  Our constant innovation. I like that we are constantly adding new products to fill the gaps and creating firsts in our industry. I’ll admit I would like it to be faster but when I look back when I started 13 years ago we have more than tripled our offerings. I also love to have the ability to try new devices and tools to see if they are beneficial to our customers. 

If a customer asked you why you chose to work for Pella, what would you say? Pella is a top recognizable brand and is leading the market in innovation, both on products and process. It is nice that I don’t have to spend a lot of time to explain who we are as almost all customers know of Pella and their quality.  

Name a project that you have worked on that you are the most proud of? This has changed with my career with Pella. Early on, I would be the most proud about a project depending on the size of the project, but now I find more enjoyment when a customer loves what we have done.

A project that stands out this year for me was for just one three wide casement replacement.  The window was failing and the homeowners just wanted it replaced with a new window that looked similar without costing a lot. We sat and talked for probably an hour about what was important to them and just what they did in their spare time. The couple was older and both were retired and spent a lot of time in this particular room that had the large window.

They had bird feeders hung directly in front of the window and loved watching the birds, but hated having to look at their neighbor’s “junky” yard. Knowing all these things meant we had the perfect window for them. They bought a Designer Series® window with top down blinds between the glass. This way, they could see their birds at the feeder without having to look at their neighbor’s back yard It was a win win. They were so happy and proud with their new window and how it worked perfectly to solve their problems. The husband asked me for a Pella hat, and he received two. We all have done our jobs correctly when we can make a customer a raving fan!

What do you like to do in your free time? During my free time I like to spent time with my family. We have a wide range of activities we are engaged in from board games, hiking and camping, canoeing in the boundary waters and scuba diving.

Anything else you want to add that you’d like to share about yourself? My wife and I have three boys, the oldest is a freshman at college, the middle one is a junior in high school and our youngest is in preschool. We lovingly refer to them as the trifecta. The answer is yes, same wife, as that is the most common question I get from customers.

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