The Evolution of Pella's Architect Series Windows and Patio Doors

The Evolution of Pella's Architect Series Windows and Patio Doors

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As an architect or home designer you are faced with the challenge of bringing ideas to life, whether they're your own or you're trying to satisfy a client's expectations. For more than a quarter century, the Pella Architect Series® has been a shining example of beautifully made and functional windows and patio doors.

However, we believe in constantly looking for ways to make Pella products even better. So, we listened to architects, builders, designers, and homeowners to understand what they truly want in a well-designed window. The Pella team spent months in research, and we learned a lot.

The result? Artfully crafted windows and patio doors with plenty of options to provide class, convenience, versatility, and a whole lot more. The Architect Series® is an exclusive Pella collection with three lines.

"Our drive in evolving our Architect Series® products into a distinct collection is about being a total solution

- a source for architects and custom builders who want a supplier who can deliver on the demands of their clients and their design without compromising and sacrificing performance or craftsmanship," said Alan Pickett, architectural business development director, Pella Corporation.

Here's a closer look at what's new ...

Customized Concepts with Architect Series® Reserve™


Architects demand and appreciate attention to detail. That was one of Pella's most significant considerations when developing the Architect Series® Reserve™ line of windows and patio doors.

"This product line has been extremely thought out, and has amazing detail whether the project is new construction or has historical ties and requirements," says Nate Hilt, architectural consultant at Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin.

Pella consulted with innovative architects to discover what options are most impactful. We also met with the National Parks Service and historical preservation societies to get more information and absorb everything we could.

The Architect Series® Reserve™ collection represents our most historically authentic line, as we strive to provide historic authenticity along with the ability to allow architectural and design professionals the opportunity to modify windows and patio doors to fit the specifications of their projects.

In fact, Architect Series® Reserve™ collection is our most customizable line yet, letting you add intricate detailing to match your client's vision. Choose from a selection of special-shaped windows.

Features include ...

  • Putty Glaze Profile: Recreating the traditional craftsmanship of using a putty knife.
  • Through-Stile Construction: Staying true to window-making traditions with historical accuracy.
  • Equal Sightlines: Creating symmetry when windows are opened or closed.
  • Sash Lugs: An exterior option providing an authentic look while allowing for tilting functionality.

Learn more by watching this Pella produced video: 

Contemporary Window and Patio Door Designs


For design professionals with a defined plan for the style of windows desired in a project, Pella offers two additional lines in Architect Series®: Traditional and Contemporary. If your vision calls for expansive glass and unique sizes but still requires energy efficiency, our contemporary styles can help you achieve impressive results.

The Architect Series® Contemporary line of windows and patio doors offers sleek design options for a more modern look. Smart styling and clean sight lines are great  for minimalistic projects where less is more. The modern aesthetics of these products consist of: 

  • Black interior stain prefinished from the factory.
  • Pella's complete exterior palette of more than 27 colors and custom colors.
  • Custom-designed modern hardware.
  • Square grille profile to create geometric patterns and shapes.

Windows and patio doors from the Architect Series® Contemporary line are also an ideal way to enhance views. And, there's no need to give up functionality for style. These products provide the same exceptional performance you expect from Pella.

"The contemporary line maximizes glass, light openings, and minimizes the sash." says Hilt. "It also has its own line of very modern hardware to really give it a unique look."

For a striking example of how Wisconsin design professionals use Pella windows in contemporary homes, check out this project, featuring a stunningl location in Door County.

Traditional Window and Patio Door Designs


Pella continues to offer the same Architect Series® designs that you know and trust. The Architect Series® Traditional line gives you classic styles of windows and patio doors with the long-lasting beauty of wood.

These are timeless options that can blend in with your vision thanks to the architectural and exterior finishes. Choose from Mahogany, Douglas Fir, or Pine wood interiors that add warmth and familiarity to any home. These are wood windows that "feel like home."

Hardware that Fits the Home


Something that came through loud and clear from the architects we worked with was the importance of stylish and practical hardware for windows and doors . It must complement the look of a project while supporting usability. Alan Pickett says some architects came right out and told us "hardware can be ugly."

Pella brought in an industrial designer and partnered with manufacturer, Baldwin Hardware, to bring you the best. The Architect Series® Reserve™ line has exclusive hardware options available in 10 different finishes. There are also unique hardware designs available for the contemporary line.

From fold-away cranks and spoon locks to sash lifts, we know every detail is part of your plan. That's why Pella provides an attractive array of options. That includes sleek, minimalistic options like the design seen above, which is perfect for complementing modern windows.

Pella Works With Architects and Homeowners

Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin is proud to work with talented architects and designers helping them find products that meet their needs.

On the corporate level, we've spent time listening and learning about what architects appreciate in windows and doors. Meet the architects who helped us expand the Architect Series® collection when you watch our video series exploring their unique techniques, styles, and backgrounds.

Pella Architectural Consultant Nate Hilt

Architectural Consultant, Nate Hilt. 

Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin employs an in-house architectural consultant who spent more than two decades working in architecture and even ran his own studio. This means we have people who understand your needs and speak your language.

We also provide benefits your clients  can appreciate. That includes energy efficient windows and doors that can save homeowners and businesses money. Plus, our updated wood window warranty delivers peace of mind while proving the confidence we have in the quality and longevity of our products.

Ready to learn more about incorporating Architect Series® windows and patio doors into an upcoming project? Contact us today, we'll be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information.

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