Why We Love Working at Pella: 10 Employees Speak Out!

Why We Love Working at Pella: 10 Employees Speak Out!

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The Pella Team

From sales to installation to customer service, the team at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin works hard to make our customers happy. That's actually not so difficult when you're happy at your job.

We spoke with our employees to find out what they love about working for Pella. We received a ton of great responses and wanted to share some of them with you.

Here's what 10 people from across the company had to say ...

1. Luke Lang - "The people, customers, and work make my job fun and rewarding." 

Luke appreciates the fact that his job is "fun and rewarding." Those two things tend to go hand in hand when you have a job you love.

Of course, it also helps when you enjoy the people you work with - both fellow employees as well as the customers!

2. Paul Schneckenberg, Commercial Estimator - "I love working for Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin because my job keeps me challenged on a daily basis." 

Show us a job without challenges and we'll show you a very boring job. Paul enjoys the opportunity to find construction solutions for our commercial customers.

Every day, he comes to work knowing he'll be using his skills and experience to help turn big projects into a reality using Pella's windows and doors throughout Wisconsin communities like Brookfield, Appleton, Green Bay, and Madison.

3. Melissa Jeanquart, Human Resources - "I love working here because of the people. We want to work hard for each other and there is a level of respect amongst us all." 

Mutual Respect is important in any workplace. Melissa's thoughts were reflected by many other Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin employees. 

We truly love working with each other and appreciate the hard work each person brings to the table.

4. Scott Chitko, Trade Sales Representative - "I turn people's houses into homes they love!"

There's nothing better than leaving a customer smiling and satisfied!

Scott realizes that a big part of what we do for our residential customers is help them build and remodel the place they call home. The right windows and doors play a big role, and all of us like to know that we play a part creating beautiful homes for people all over Wisconsin.

5. Joe Dost, U.P. Sales Representative - "Pella is a great place to work because I am given the freedom and support to do my job!"

Joe works with our clients in Upper Michigan, and he enjoys the fact that he has both freedom and support in hisjob.

We believe in our employees and trust them to make smart decisions, whatever their role may be. Plus, we're also there to provide backup when it's needed - professionally as well as personally.

You can learn more about Joe Dost in our People of Pella series.

6. Amanda Henrickson, Trade Sales Representative - "I love working here because I feel that I am important to the team and that everyone is truly valued in making a positive difference here for the company." 

A company is only as strong as its weakest link. Here at Pella, we're fortunate to have a lot of strength throughout  every department

Amanda knows that when a team works together, each and every person contributes toward making a "positive difference."

7. Barry Schoening - "I love my job because we have a great culture here and a vision for the future." 

A unique workplace culture helps promote teamwork and productivity. Many employees told us they have fun working at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin, which is fantastic! Work shouldn't be something you dread.

Barry also loves that Pella has "a vision for the future." When you know where you're heading and what you need to achieve to be successful at your job, it can motivate you to be your best.

8. Shannon Pino, Senior Service Coordinator - "This is the first place I have ever worked where I feel like I belong. A place where I enjoy coming to work every day. The company as a whole and everyone that works here is generous, helpful understanding and best of all make it a fun place to work. What more could you ask for?"

Having a sense of belonging can be the difference between a job you despise and a job you love. We all spend a lot of time with each other, and eventually we become a little like a family.

Shannon has learned that when you have coworkers who are "generous, helpful, and understanding," coming to work is a much more enjoyable experience!

9. Len Severson - "We are all pushing for the same results and celebrate everyone's success."

In Len's role as a general manager, he needs to make sure the team at Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin is striving for the same goals. That kind of unity and vision brings us together and makes us stronger.

Len is also a big believer in recognizing the hard work of all employees. That's one reason why we have a big awards banquet every year. 

You can also learn more about Len Severson  in our People of Pella series.

10. Peter Natzke - Commercial  Project Manager

Finally, Peter wraps things up with his own top 10 list of of reasons he loves working at Pella Windows &

Doors of Wisconsin. He sums things up quite nicely ...

  1. I get the feeling that all departments pull together in times of "crisis" and get the problems solved.
  2. I feel that I am heard by management and they respect what I have to say.
  3. I love working here because everyone seems to be able to take time to say "Hi" and mean it in the midst of a busy day.
  4. I like that upper management will walk around and see how everyone is doing and the feeling is not "Oh God. Why is he here?"
  5. I honestly like my boss and co-workers.
  6. I see most people rowing in the same direction and that makes me feel good.
  7. If I have an issue, I can call for an answer and not feel like I am making a stupid request.
  8. I feel we are appreciated and not. Just told that we are appreciated.
  9. I feel the company is stable financially, and that gives me security for the upcoming years.
  10. I feel that I can talk to my boss or management if I have an issue and need help or support.

Work with Pella or Work for Pella!

We hope you can see that Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin has an amazing group of people ready to work with you on your next commercial or residential project.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help!

 Interested in becoming part of the team and working for Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin? We'd love to meet you! Check out our careers page for the latest employment opportunities.

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