Why You're Missing Out if You Aren't Using Houzz

Why You're Missing Out if You Aren't Using Houzz

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There are plenty of social media sites out there for you to choose from, and you can't join them all.

But, anyone who is a homeowner, plans to someday build their own home, or is in the business of home construction, home design, landscaping or interior decorating should absolutely be using Houzz!

Never heard of Houzz? Allow us to give you the tour!

The Story of Houzz and How it Works

Houzz is a lot like Pinterest, but it's much more focused. If you've ever been overwhelmed by all the pins of Ryan Gosling pictures, knitting projects, and recipes for stuffed zucchini, you'll find Houzz to be quite refreshing.

Houzz Founders Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko

Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen

That's because it's all about ideas for homes, so you won't have to wade through everything else. 

Like most good ideas, Houzz came to be because it's a great solution to a real-life problem. Founders, Adi Tatarko and her husband, Alon Cohen, were remodeling their California home and were looking for ideas.

Of course, that meant tons of magazine clippings, things printed from online, links sent in emails ... it was a mess. They argued with each other a lot, which tends to happen with big home projects. However, when they did settle on an idea, they also had a hard time communicating with their architect and designer about it.

So Adi and Alon built Houzz as a way to help. It started in 2009, with a handful of businesses in the Silicon Valley area builders, architects, and designers uploading their portfolios. Today, Houzz has more than 35 million users including more than one million home professionals from all over the country.

Houzz is considered the largest online community for home building and remodeling in the world, and Forbes magazine called Adi and Alon "tech's new power couple." You can read more of their story from the New York Times

Houzz allows you to browse photos that catch your eye and save them for later. However, it can do much more than that, offering benefits for professionals as well as anyone who loves beautiful homes!

4 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Use Houzz

1. Get inspiration for creating your dream home.

Scrapbooks are so 1986! No more clipping with scissors and sticking with glue. With Houzz, you can just click or tap to save inspiring ideas for home design.

Your imagination will start running wild when you see the eye-popping photos. From lighting design and cabinetry, to the best windows and doors, to fireplaces and patios - the most amazing homes are featured on Houzz.

2. Get connected with local professionals who can make that dream come true.

When you're ready to make the leap and build that new home or start a remodeling project, you'll know exactly who to call.

Houzz lets you do lots of research. Besides seeing a professional's best work, you'll also see a star-rating from people who've already worked with them. This helps you know who to trust.

When you're ready to talk, you can reach out to local professionals easily through contact forms on their Houzz profiles.

3. Find answers to your toughest questions.

Houzz isn't just about dreaming. It's about doing, too.

The discussion forums are a great place to share ideas with other homeowners and to get advice as well as solutions to difficult home renovation problems. You'll hear from experts who know their stuff, and other homeowners who've dealt with similar situations.

4. Shop for select products while you're on Houzz.

The Houzz marketplace is a curated shopping experience that's integrated with the platform. There are many unique products that will fit with all types of budgets.

Shopping on Houzz is a great way to avoid having the exact same throw pillows, lighting, furniture, and wall decor as everyone else on the block. You'll find tons of items to reflect your personality.

5 Reasons Why Professionals Should Use Houzz

1. Get your work in front of a targeted audience.

When you use traditional advertising, you have no idea who's viewing your ads. What are the chances that the majority of them are in the market for building or renovating a home? Pretty slim.

However, with Houzz, you know the users are all people who plan to do some work on their home. Even if they aren't going to build or remodel in the near future, they're thinking about it. If they follow you on Houzz, your business is likely to be on top of the list when the time comes to call someone.

2. Generate valuable leads.

Houzz also lets you communicate with the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

There's a little contact form pop-up box on every professional profile. It asks for phone, email, and zip code while allowing homeowners to contact you with questions. That opens up the lines of communication and will lead to more projects.

3. Display your expertise.

The discussion forums on Houzz are a good place for you and the experts you employ to offer helpful advice to homeowners. People are often asking for design advice, or posting about remodeling projects they're struggling with.

Even when you give free advice to a DIY remodeler by answering their questions, you're still setting yourself up as an honest and helpful person who they'll be likely to recommend and eventually turn to in the future.

4. Sell products online without an eCommerce website.

The Houzz marketplace is an ideal place for designers and artisans to offer their creations online. All sorts of sellers are using Houzz to promote their products - from innovative garbage cans to handcrafted tables, to vintage lighting fixtures.

Houzz takes a 15% commission on transactions made through its online marketplace. You can also use Houzz as an advertising platform to promote your business. This way, you can target homeowners who live in your area.

5. Improve your professional network.

As an added bonus, Houzz helps you expand your professional network. You'll meet other local home professionals who you can work with and who'll ask for your help.

Plus, Houzz has industry partnerships with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

What are You Waiting for?

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for Houzz today and create a personal or professional profile.

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