Window Buying: Five Things A Homeowner Should Know

Window Buying: Five Things Every Homeowner Should Know

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Break Down Window Buying With Pella Windows & Doors

Selecting the right windows for your home whether you’re remodeling, replacing or building, is an important task. With a growing number of aesthetic options, it is also important to weigh functionality and efficiency when researching the right windows for your home and budget.

Knowing these five things in advance will break down the selection process and help you choose the best windows for your home.

1. Material

First, homeowners need to choose a window material. Durability, maintenance, cost and personal style are all features to remember.

  • Wood: offers a wide array of design choices, from wood species to interior and exterior colors, and beyond.
  • Vinyl: cost-effective, energy efficient and low-maintenance
  • Fiberglass: extremely durable and energy efficient. Pella’s Fiberglass windows replicate the look and feel of wood.

2. Style

Once a material is chosen, homeowners must decide on a style. Styles can be mixed and matched throughout your home based on the light, ventilation and look you are trying to achieve

  • Casement: Crank out with the turn of a handle and provides a clear outdoor view
  • Awning: Similar to casement windows, they open with a crank out handle and are often placed above or below other windows to add interest and ventilation
  • Single-Hung: Raised from the bottom for ventilation
  • Double-Hung: Raised from the bottom or lowered from the top for two levels of ventilation
  • Sliding: Opens horizontally from one side.
  • Bay or Bow: A series of windows designed at various angles to maximize the view even when there’s limited wall space

Establishing a budget, and making material and style decisions, will often steer a homeowner in the direction of a certain line or series of windows. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic, traditional or modern look, colors and finishes can establish a unique look for your home.

3. Customize

To further customize your windows, homeowners can choose from an array of hardware styles, screen options, grill patterns, between-the-glass window treatments and trim designs. The possibilities are virtually endless!

4. Visit a Showroom

To experience the quality and design features firsthand, visiting a showroom is crucial. Aside from seeing and feeling the actual windows, professionals are on site to personally walk you through the process for your needs and budget. These sales professionals are also well equipped to answer questions about planning and installation. Access to a team of experts with years of experience will make the selection and buying process seamless and enjoyable.

5. Warranties and Service

Understanding warranties and service options is important when selecting a window company to work with. Having local, continued support following installation offers reassurance you will always be satisfied with your windows for years to come.

This story originally appeared in Building Lifestyles, a magazine published by the Metropolitan Homebuilders Association in Waukesha, Wis.

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