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Custom Windows for Historic Northeastern Homes

posted on July 09, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Boston

custom historic windows

Living in the northeast has many benefits including beautiful weather, delicious food and plenty of history. Many of the homes in Boston and beyond have history. If you find yourself lucky enough to call a historic house your home, there are many considerations to put thought into when it comes to upgrading or updating your home. Home style, to window type and even the right finishes and add-ons can really enhance your curb appeal.

Colonial Style Single- and Double-Hung Windows

There are many styles of homes popular in the Boston area and beyond. Colonial style homes were one of the first types of houses built in the area. These houses have tall side-gabled roofs and were very simple in design. Single- and double-hung windows are common in Colonial style homes because they’re perfect for letting in natural light and encouraging air ventilation throughout the home. 

Windows on Colonial style homes are traditionally evenly spaced with grilles and shutters to match. A standard grille style with evenly placed squares is true to the historic architecture of Colonial homes.

If you’re looking to update your home with replacement single- or double-hung windows, the Pella of Boston team can help find the exact color and grille options to match the original character of your home.

Beautiful Cape Cod-Style Windows

Cape Cod homes are an evolution of the beloved Colonial style homes. This style of home has a simple, no frills design. Boston Cape Cod style homes have steep roofs with gables and many of these homes even include a dormer window or two. 

Double-hung windows are popular in Northeast Cape Cod homes, again due to their ability to increase air flow. Double-hung windows can be opened from the top and the bottom, as both panes have the ability to move. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, this is a great option because they are low-maintenance and are very easy to clean.

Dormer windows can improve curb appeal and add some historic charm to your home. There are a variety of dormer window types that you can choose from, and some dormer windows are just for show, too. Whether you’re looking for a functional window or a fixed window, our team of Boston window specialists can help you decide which options are best for your home.

Gorgeous Georgian-Federal Windows

Georgian-Federal homes are extremely popular across the Boston and Northeastern area. This style dates back to the 1700’s when homes were built to be bigger and have more unique features. If you’re looking to spot a Georgian-Federal home, look for a grand entryway including an entry door with transoms.

Historically, double-hung windows were the choice for this type of home, but many homeowners are choosing to upgrade or replace their windows with casement windows. Casement windows provide the same design flexibility as double-hung windows. Instead of opening by sliding panels, casement windows hinge out from the side to open and let air in. 

Since Georgian-Federal homes were built to showcase their architectural features, there’s more design flexibility in this historical style. Custom half-moon shaped windows make a great addition over a large picture window. 

When it comes to finishes, white on white is traditional with standard grilles, but natural or lightly stained wood windows are a popular choice as well.

There’s lots to love when it comes to a historic home. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the characteristics of Northeastern homes and will be sure to help you each step of the way to find your perfect new or replacement windows.

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