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Replacement Windows for Historic Homes in Massachusetts

posted on March 30, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Boston

Replacement Windows for Historic Homes in MassachusettsThere is nothing like the charm of a historic home, but those drafty windows not only make your home uncomfortable, they also cost you money. It’s important to maintain proper upkeep of our homes. Many families in the Southern New England area live in historic or traditional homes, and may still have some original windows or doors from when they were first built. At Pella, we pride ourselves on our New England roots and want to keep the identity of the windows we service intact. However, by retrofitting those windows, homeowners could save hundreds of dollars a year on utility costs caused by drafts in the older panels. Pella is offering white glove service for replacing historic windows while keeping the charm of the panes intact. We follow all national and local guidelines, so whether it’s a brownstone in Beacon Hill, a Victorian in Newton or a Colonial in Concord, Pella of Boston will take care of it. 

What to Know about Replacement Windows

Windows are what add charm and light to a home, as well as serving as an integral part of the building’s infrastructure. It’s important to note first if the windows need to be completely replaced or if they can be retrofitted. The range of energy performance for retrofitted windows varies by climate, age and use, so it’s best to have a Pella professional come in and assess the exact need for your home. Whether it's retrofitted or completely new, Pella’s white glove window offering will maintain the integrity of your home but help save energy and money in the process.  

Pella adheres to all NPS and local historical rehabilitation processes and guidelines. For example, replacement windows whose interior components are a significant part of the interior historic finishes will have interior profiles and finishes that are compatible with the surrounding historic materials. Our window experts are adept in matching the historic character of the different parts of the window, including: 

  • Window frame, size and shape 
  • Glass size and divisions 
  • Sash elements (width and depth) 
  • Materials and finishes 
  • Glass characteristics  
  • Muntins and glazing 
  • Shutters and blinds 

Our collaboration with historic commissions ensures the job is done right. 

There have been many changes in technology over the years, including larger glass panes, two-over-two lights and casement windows. It is crucial to identify, retain and preserve the historic charm of the windows without changing the number, location, size or glazing of the windows from their original intent.

Pella is here to get it right. Our white glove service for historic buildings will have your house looking stunning, while maintaining the classic character of the building and saving you money and energy in the process.  We have relationship with each city and town’s historic commission to ensure that we follow their process to a tee.  The last thing you want is to have your project held up during the approval and permitting process or even worse be fined for making unsanctioned changes.  

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