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Louisville Sliding Glass Doors

Louisville Sliding Glass Doors

Central Kentucky is full of historical homes dating back to the Colonial era. Sliding doors weren’t an original feature of these traditional homes but became popular in the explosion of home building starting in the 20th century. Sliding glass doors have remained popular amongst homeowners modernizing their older houses.

Sliding patio doors are a flexible fit with homes of any era. Two large glass panels open up your home to the outdoors and sun’s rays. Only one is operable, gliding along a track within the frame, which opens up more usable space — inside and out — than patio doors that swing open or fold away.

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

  • Sliding Screen Doors Sliding Screen Doors

    The hot, humid summers in Louisville can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Screens1 are a popular addition. You can open up your sliding door on a nice day to catch a summer breeze without worrying about a cloud of insects entering your home. Rolscreen® retractable screens are trending in the region. A retractable screen offers protection when your door is open and rolls away and out of sight, hiding inside a self-storage system so you get more light.

  • Built in blinds in sliding glass doors Sliding Glass Door Blinds

    Blinds and curtains serve many functions on a sliding glass door. They add decoration, provide privacy, and block out sunshine when the glare is too bright. Between-the-glass blinds offer the same benefits, along with a few extra perks. Built-in blinds are between two panes of glass so they’re never dangling in the way or partially obstructing your patio door. They also allow you to better adjust the level of light you want to let into your home.

  • French-style wood sliding patio doors Sliding French Doors

    French doors add an elegant, classic touch to traditional homes. Many homeowners love the look of French patio doors but prefer the ease-of-use of sliding doors. Wooden sliding glass doors with grilles give you the look of traditional French doors along with usable space because the door always stays within the frame. The natural look also fits into the Craftsman style seen around Louisville.

  • Modern Sliding Glass Doors Modern Sliding Doors and Hardware

    From Lexington to Louisville all the way out to Los Angeles, modern style is a big trend. Homeowners like its simplicity, mix of textures, and use of natural materials. Modern hardware on wood sliding doors adds a clean look with strong, sleek lines. Incorporating a mix of different hardware styles with contrasting metals and textures from the rest of your decor gives you an eclectic modern interior design.

1Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations1

Modern sliding glass doors are simple and angular, with little additional detail. Large expanses of doors and windows create walls of unobstructed glass. For a more traditional look or to match Craftsman style, add grilles and classic hardware to your sliding door. Find more customizations here.


  • Classic Collection
  • Modern Collection

Grilles and Screens

  • Top Row Grille Pattern
  • 12-Lite Prairie Grille Pattern
  • 14-Lite Prairie Grille Pattern
  • Prairie Grille Pattern
  • Traditional Grille Pattern
  • Victorian Grille Pattern
  • Custom Grille Pattern
  • InView™ Screen
  • Rolscreen® Retractable Screen
  • Conventional Fiberglass Screen

1Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Louisville Climate Recommendations

Louisville has a diverse climate with four distinct seasons. So you need patio doors that can handle the summer heat and the occasional winter snowfall and cold. Durable materials and additional protections for glass and finishes are important to help deal with whatever the weather brings.

Low-E Protection

Low-E Protection

Get year-round protection with Advanced Low-E insulating glass. The added protection helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the hot, humid summer.

Durable Materials

Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Patio doors must be able to stand up to everything from bitter cold to extreme heat without impacting the comfort of your home. Vinyl is a low-maintenance and energy-efficient material suited for Louisville’s climate.

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Pella windows and doors are made specifically for your home because one size doesn't fit all. With access to many materials, colors and options, including exclusive snap-in options for shades, blinds and grilles, along with smart home products and a proprietary finishing process that helps provide a quality finish.

Built to Last

Pella products are backed by some of the strongest window, door and installation warranties in the business. When installed by a Pella branch, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee, our package of product warranties, installation warranty and service agreement that covers your products and their installation — including labor — for up to 10 years. See the written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

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An in-home consultation can help you explore all options and get a professional opinion on what will work best for you. During the consultation, local window professionals can come to your home to assess your window replacement needs and understand your priorities and budget.

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