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12 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home This Winter

Posted on November 07, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Winter may be many people’s least favorite season of the year, but for many it's their favorite because it also happens to hold within it many special holidays. With so much going on from the end of October until we ring in the New Year, winter just doesn’t seem so bad. The only downside? The freezing cold and bleak weather! If you’re looking to create a cozier home for the holiday season, look no further. These top 12 tips will have your guests hurrying inside, ready to cozy up in your warm and welcoming home.

Warm light in cozy kitchen

1. Textured Blankets and Pillows

Textured blankets and pillows add coziness to a space, providing the appearance of warmth, not to mention the physical warmth they can provide to you and your guests. Use a variety of textures to create layers.

2. Add More (Warm) Light

You can add additional light to your home in a number of ways; from getting warming light bulbs, to adding another lamp to your room, to even something as simple as adding a few candles. Especially as it stays darker outside for longer, an abundance of warming light is especially welcoming.

door with seasonal wreath

3. Add a Seasonal Wreath

Even if it's not for a specific occasion, getting a winter wreath with a hint of complementary color can add a homey touch that hits friends and family right as they walk in the entryway, making a great first impression.

4. Get a Space Heater

If you’re looking to heat up your home without increasing your energy bill, a space heater can be a great option. However, you do have to be careful and be aware of your home's overall energy efficiency as well. If you have old, drafty windows and doors, they might be letting heat escape, making this an ineffective solution.

5. Add Natural Accents and Plants

wood and gold accents in cozy kitchen

Verdant green can liven up any space. Wood accents, trees, or plants, whether real or fake, are great ways to give your home more depth and create a more welcoming space. 

6. Change Up Your Color Scheme

cozy warm woods

Having light and cool tones can be great for summer — giving your home a cool vibe that’s refreshing when coming in from the warm sun, however, when coming in from the winter cold, cool isn’t always what you or your guests want to be feeling. Try implementing deeper, warmer colors and wood accents to create a cozy atmosphere for when your guests come in from the cold.

7. Check Your Entryway for Drafts

If your door or entryway system is leaking air, that could be accounting for your cold den or living room. Depending on the severity, or where it’s leaking, it could be a simple fix or perhaps require a total replacement. To test this, simply hold a candle to the seams of your door. If the flame bends away from the door or goes out, you may have a leak in your door (hint: you can use this same trick on your windows!). If that's the case, reach out to your local Pella expert for help finding the right solution for your home.

8. Pull Your Drapes

Not only can closing window treatments help to insulate your home, (pro-tip: get thicker drapes for winter), it can also amp up the cozy factor in a room as well by adding a layer of texture to your walls and creating a cocooning effect.

9. Get Strategic with Your Rugs

warm room with cozy rug

This can mean in your rug placement, your rug texture or simply adding a rug in general! If you don’t have a rug and are trying to cozy up a space, simply adding one can have a huge impact.  If you already have one but it’s thin or flat, try switching it our for a thicker rug or a warmer material, like wool. If you already have a full or fluffy rug, try adding a few smaller rugs at a few key points: by beds, next to sinks and down hallways.

10. Replace Your Windows

While replacing your windows can be a large undertaking, it can also be one of the most effective choices if your current windows are letting in cold air and ruining your home's energy efficiency. Replacing your windows in the winter is one of the lesser known key tips not only for improving your home's energy efficiency, but also for getting a great deal!wintery home with black windows

11. Consider the Newest Winter Trend: a Blanket Ladder

This new trend is a great addition to your living room and can add major coziness and warmth into your living room. Simply get or DIY a decorative ladder and hang blankets off of it. Not only is this a great way to store blankets for guests to use, it is also a practical way to add texture and color into your living room as well.

12. Install a Smart Thermostat

This tip isn’t unlike our space heater tip. It’s only truly useful if your home is energy efficient and won’t allow the warm air to escape. However, if your home is energy efficient, getting a thermostat that learns and adjusts to you and your family’s temperature needs can really help to make your home warm and cozy, all winter long!

These twelve tips are the best for addressing cold or drafty homes. However, the level of chill in your home is going to play a big factor in which tips will best solve your chilly problem. If your home is experiencing serious chill and drafts as old man winter gets more serious, consider consulting with one of our sales members. We are glad to come and access the energy efficiency of your windows and doors and talk through your solutions. 

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