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5 Ways to Make Your Cleveland Home Cozy and Inviting

Posted on July 11, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Living room with large picture window and double-hung windows.

Making a house feel like home is the key to comfort. You want your home to reflect your style, and feel cozy and be welcoming to guests.

Here are some ways you can make your home comfortable for everyone.

Spend Time on the Entrance of Your Home

The first thing guests see is your home's entryway. Try to spend some time decorating this area by adding lights, plants, art or an outdoor decorative piece. For example, you can create a stone walkway that leads to the front of your home. Then put flowers like marsh marigolds and butterfly weed, which do great in Cleveland's climate, on your porch along with a wooden "Welcome" sign and lantern lights.

Add Comfortable Furniture and Accessories

You want to have a comfortable couch for your guests — this is incredibly important and makes your living room much more enjoyable. You should have enough seating for your everyday life and when you have guests over. To make the space more inviting, arrange the furniture so that everyone is facing the room's focal point, like your fireplace, which will also help everyone get comfortable during the chilly Cleveland winters.

You can also add cozy touches, like a decorative throw blanket and pillows, that can help your guests make themselves at home. 

Choose the Right Lighting

Adding the right light to your home can brighten it up and make the rooms appear larger. There are two ways you can get lighting: natural sunlight coming through your windows or with light fixtures. There are many different light fixtures you can get for your home that can complement the other décor and furniture you have. For example, modern industrial light fixtures are popular, along with recessed lighting.

Adding Pella windows to your home is an excellent way to incorporate natural light. There are many benefits to natural lighting, including making your home feel warmer and brighter without electricity. We offer a variety of window types and styles to achieve this goal and fit your needs — casement, awning and picture windows can help bring in lots of natural light to make your home feel warm and inviting.

Brick home with white double-hung windows.

Double-hung windows are a great choice for better natural light and ease of use. This type of window can be opened from the top or bottom sash to improve airflow throughout your home. Double-hung windows also fit many home styles in Cleveland. For example, traditional homes can have double-hung windows with grilles to add charm and create symmetry.

An example of replacement double-hung windows in action (pictured above): This Mentor, Ohio homeowner needed to replace their windows to improve their home's energy efficiency and breathe new life into their home, inside and out. Our local Cleveland team was able to help them reach their goals by installing wood double-hung windows with a warm interior stain to showcase their natural beauty. The white trim exterior on the brick home looks beautiful — the whole home looks cozier and brighter.

Light blue home with white replacement vinyl windows.

Replacement windows don’t have to take up all of your home improvement budget either; with affordable windows in your Cleveland area, Pella can help you reach your goals on budget. We offer vinyl windows for those looking for a stylish yet affordable window. Our vinyl windows also don’t sacrifice anything in performance and functionality — they are durable and energy efficient.

Our team did a vinyl casement and sliding window replacement in Strongsville, Ohio (pictured above). As a result, the homeowner achieved their goals of improving their home’s energy efficiency and updating its aesthetic. Their replacement windows also allowed more natural light to shine into their home and since they went with vinyl frames, these windows were lower maintenance.

Use Light Colors To Refresh Your Home

Painting your home with light, vibrant colors can make your home bright and inviting while also opening up the space. However you choose to express your style, you don’t want your walls to be too overwhelming. If you want to use color, do it on one accent wall instead of painting an entire room a bright color or using a bold pattern everywhere.

Along with adding more neutral colors and shades of white to your walls, you can bring natural elements into to your home by adding pops of colors, like green, with plants and other flowers. Greenery is an excellent way to increase the liveliness of your home while also boosting its overall aesthetic.

White sliding patio door.

Add a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor space for your friends and family to relax is an integral part of entertaining — especially in the warmer Cleveland summers. Create a focal point with your firepit or outdoor dining table and add outdoor furniture around it.

You can also rely on Pella for all your patio door needs. We have easy-to-use sliding patio doors and elegant French hinged doors. We also offer our multi-slide patio door that can blur the lines between indoors and outdoors so you can utilize the whole space. You can have multiple sliding doors on a wall or increase the number of panels in your sliding door to create a wider opening. 

Sliding doors are an excellent option for your patio area. They offer lots of glass space for maximum natural light and great views — plus, they're simple to use. They also do not take up space like hinged doors do when you open them, giving you more freedom to arrange your furniture.

Because of their versatility, there are many ways to incorporate a patio door into your home. For example, this Akron, Ohio homeowner replaced a window by their deck with a sliding patio door. This sliding door gave the family better access to their deck from inside their home. The deck was a high-traffic area for the family and was used a lot during the summers. The new sliding door will help them better utilize their favorite space.

As you can see, making your home comfortable and inviting is essential, and replacement windows and doors are a great way to achieve this goal. Get started today by scheduling a free in-home consultation with one of our window and door professionals.

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