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8 Kitchen Must-Haves for Your Cleveland Home

Posted on August 22, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Modern kitchen design with black windows

Are you looking for kitchen must-haves to transform the look and functionality of your kitchen? Then keep reading! We’ve got the latest trends to build into your Cleveland home's kitchen plan.

1. Add a Walk-In Pantry

Walk-in pantries are becoming more and more common in homes because they add convenience. A walk-in pantry is a great space to store your larger cooking tools, extra food, bulky items and other cooking essentials. You can add racks and shelves for more storage and organization. You can even create a unique spice rack in your pantry. A mini-fridge in your pantry could also give you an extra place to easily store beverages.

2. Choose Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are another big part of your kitchen. Not only are they useful for storing things, but they can also enhance your kitchen's style. You don’t want your cabinets to be loud when they close or get damaged from closing harshly; get no-slam cabinets that gently, quietly and slowly close.

In addition, you can have drawer dividers, separators and specialized cabinets like pull-out spice cabinets and deep sliding doors for your pots and pans to make organizing your kitchen easy. Another trend is slide-down cabinets that hide everyday tools when they aren’t in use — for example, being able to pull out and then put away your coffee maker. Lastly, you can build your cabinets around your fridge, stove and other vital appliances to create one cohesive look.

3. Don’t Forget the Backsplash

Your backsplash is a great way to add character and color to your Cleveland home's kitchen. For example, if you are sticking with a modern color scheme like black and white, you can add a pop of color amidst the marble countertops and mute appliances with a blue or red tile backsplash. You could also add thin strips of wood or texture with a stone look. There are many different design options that you can incorporate into your backsplash to upgrade the look of your kitchen.

Kitchen with island and windows with shades

4. Create a Custom Layout

The layout of your home is essential and can change the look and feel of your home entirely. Many people have opted for the modern format of an open concept home or a custom layout to fit their needs. With the open concept layout, you can have large entryways to your living spaces to make your home look larger and more connected between rooms.

Seating is an integral part of your home, so ensure enough space in your layout for the appropriate amount of seating. You can add seating near the kitchen by adding barstools or other seats in the dinette.

Another critical part of your kitchen is the fridge. You want a layout that provides easy access to your fridge instead of a space that makes getting to the refrigerator difficult, crammed or inconvenient. 

Many homeowners also want a lot of counter space built into their kitchen for additional room for meal prep and store groceries. You can add a large island to your kitchen or do a sizeable wrap-around countertop and cabinets if you have a large kitchen.

Finally, cleaning your dishes is essential, especially if you have a large family or entertain guests regularly. Installing a large double-wide sink or a bigger dishwasher to fit all your dishes can help maintain a clean and organized kitchen.

5. Consider Your Windows

Another must-have for your kitchen is windows for natural light. Many people go for large windows in their kitchen, usually by their sink, which also gives them some ventilation. Awning or double-hung windows are an excellent choice for your Clevland home's kitchen because they are easy to open, let in the fresh air and have a large glass area that lets in lots of natural light. Plus, they're a popular style choice for Cleveland homes.

For example, our team installed a large awning window in this Mentor, Ohio home. We replaced two smaller awning windows with a single large one behind the kitchen sink. The new wood window was able to provide the homeowner with a clearer view, and more natural light illuminated the kitchen area. The functionality of this window also makes it great for the kitchen as it easily opens for lots of airflow.

Casement windows are another excellent option for your Cleveland home's kitchen. And with our easy-slide operator, opening them is even more simple. You won’t have to crank, just slide your casement window open and closed for ventilation.

At Pella, we can help you find the best windows for your kitchen. We offer various window options to fit your style and durability needs. For example, you can get the sleek design with a black finish in our wood or fiberglass windows to match the modern look of your home or go with a traditional farmhouse look with a white double-hung window.

For example, we worked with Capuano Homes to create a beautifully designed, modern home in Akron, Ohio. The kitchen area features several large picture and awning windows. The large glass space brings tons of sunlight into the house and the wood window's black finish ties into the home's contemporary aesthetic.

Another house we worked on with Larry Bloch Builders also has a modern kitchen feel. The Moreland Hills, Ohio home had an open floor plan for the living, dining and kitchen area. The walls are lined with large windows finished in black. These large windows opened the space and allowed the homeowner to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery right outside.

6. Focus on Countertop Designs

Countertops are a big design focus for your kitchen, especially if you opt for extra counter space like an island. A popular option for your countertops is marble. You can stick with a modern color scheme as well by getting black and white marble throughout the kitchen.

White kitchen with double-hung windows and gold light fixtures

7. Install Modern Light Fixtures

Lighting in your kitchen is essential and a must-have in terms of design. Modern light fixtures are another great option for your kitchen. You can have dangling lights finished in black that are in the center of your kitchen or above the island to illuminate the space.

8. Get a Built-In Fridge

Another trending thing to do in your kitchen are built-in refrigerators. The time of stand-alone refrigerators that don't match the rest of your kitchen is going away. Now, many people opt to have their cabinets built around their fridge, or they can have their fridge blend into their kitchen cabinets and be disguised as a cabinet to have one cohesive look.

In addition, many people (and parents in particular) want larger refrigerators to store all their food. For example, many people want industrial-sized fridges with multiple shelves of fridge and freezer space, other innovations like water and ice dispensers and more organizational features. You can also treat yourself with a built-in wine rack or go even further with a wine fridge. 

Whether you’re building a custom home and deciding what you want in your kitchen or remodeling your existing one, it's safe to say that the above items are a must-have.

And for finding that ideal window to complete your kitchen, schedule your free in-home consultation with us at Pella of Cleveland. Our team of local experts will be happy to help you find the best window options for your project.

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