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Cleveland Trend of the Month: Fiberglass Windows and Door Replacements

posted on November 20, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

fiberglass windows

This past October, our Cleveland homeowners were installing fiberglass products and seeing the benefits.

Our sales team sees some of the best and newest trends when they’re out spending time with their customers and helping them to replace their windows and doors. They’re all throughout our city each and every day both seeing and installing some of the newest, most modern trends. When it comes to modernizing and updating your home, you couldn’t take advice from a better source! Luckily we’re curating the month’s trends that we’ve noticed, just for you in Cleveland, every single month. This month’s trend? Our homeowners are loving our fiberglass windows and doors and are replacing their old windows and doors with fiberglass alternatives!

So why fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a great option for your windows or doors for if:

You’re worried about energy efficiency.

fiberglass windows

Fiberglass has low conductivity so it won't get overly hot or cold and it doesn’t expand or contract (meaning it won’t let in drafts). Since fiberglass is glass, it’s a natural insulator and a great option for those looking for an energy-efficient window or door option.

You’re looking for durability.

Fiberglass windows are incredibly strong. If you live in an area that experiences drastic fluctuations in temperature or extreme weather, such as high winds or ample rainfall, fiberglass is an excellent choice. Fiberglass entrance doors can also be a great durable option as they’re more resistant to dings, scratches and dents.fiberglass windows on lake

You’d like some style options.

Fiberglass windows are available in nearly any color (so long as the window company you’re working with offers it) and also come in a variety of window types. Fiberglass doors can also come with wood stains and wood grains as well. This provides homeowners the durability of fiberglass but the look of wood. Pella can get a fiberglass wood grain and stain so close to looking like actual wood that homeowners are hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two. red fiberglass door

You’re trying to be more green.

Fiberglass is made out of glass and that means that, after a very long time (see our durability point) you’ll be able to recycle them!

If you would like to find out more about how a fiberglass window or door would fit with your home, reach out to one of our sales reps here.