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Home Improvements to Make Before Fall

Posted on July 15, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

homes in the summer

Summer weather can make us wonder why we don't live somewhere warmer all year round. While it's important to enjoy the nice weather before winter comes roaring back, it's also a good idea to get a jump on some home improvement tasks, especially window and door replacement projects. The best part if you start now? You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather before the start of fall. Plus, you’ll end up saving yourself money and a few headaches!

Patch Up or Re-Pave Your Driveway

Not only is this nearly impossible to get done when snow hits, it’s also nice to have your driveway smooth by the time cold wind, rain and snow start to chip away at your driveway. Holes, cracks and stray chunks of concrete might cause damage to your home, car or even your doors. Get to work on your driveway while the sun’s still shining and decide whether you can simply get a few things patched up or if you need to repave. Then you have the opportunity to call around, find a good price and set a plan in action so you have a protected driveway way before fall's chilly winds come knocking.

Re-mulch Your Garden

This can be a good idea especially for perennials, but can really benefit any of your flowers. Mulch helps keep moisture in, which can be important as we start to hit the dog days of summer. In addition, an extra layer can help insulate your flower roots, keeping them cool in the summer and warm as fall starts.

Window Replacementwindow replacement

Summer can be a great time to assess your windows' energy efficiency. If you have air conditioning, keep an eye out for warm spots or drafts in your home. This could signal a potential energy efficiency problem with your windows (or doors), which is something that can cost you in both the winter and the summer.  After identifying any potential issues, you can begin to start your search for replacement windows

Clean Your Gutters

The colder and windier it gets, the more necessary this chore becomes. Make sure to do a deep clean before fall hits. When leaves do begin to fall, your gutters are going to be more clogged than usual, and you won’t want any extra extra buildup. Just don't forget to wear some sunscreen while you’re on your roof. 

Entry Door Replacement

entry door replacement

Similar to replacing your windows, entry doors can cause some costly energy efficiency issues when they start to age. In addition to energy efficiency, many people choose to replace their entry doors when they start to wear or fade. The entry door is one of the biggest focal points of your home, so making sure it looks good is important for your home's curb appeal. 

Test Your Heating System and Chimney

Testing these now, without the threat of a snow storm, will save you a lot of stress come winter. Nothing is worse than trying to turn on your heat for the first time as the weather outside starts to turn. Testing your heating system once or twice during the summer is an easy way to make sure it’s still functioning so you don’t have to panic come fall.

Inspect Your Roof (And Replace Missing Shingles)

This project can be tied right in to cleaning your gutters. While roofs only need replacement usually once every 20-25 years, you’ll find you may lose a few shingles here and there as time passes. By replacing them early, you’ll ensure your home stays as energy efficient as possible (and stays looking great, too). 

Getting a few projects done early in preparation for fall can save you a lot of time and stress. Considering replacement windows or doors can help maintain energy efficiency when the cold weather comes around. Now is the perfect time to knock a few things off of your to-do list as well. 

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