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Home Style Trends Going Into 2022

Posted on December 28, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Pella Architect Series - Contemporary wood windows

As we enter 2022, some home styles are staying, others are going and some brand new ones are emerging. Here are some of our predictions for what home styles will be trending this year so that you can get inspired to update your Cleveland home.

Minimalism and Modern Looks

Minimalism and modern styles are still highly trending as we enter 2022. These aesthetic looks focus on style and functionality and include a lot of natural lighting. The colors for this style are neutral, and usually include different shades of black, white and gray. You can also choose muted tones of other colors like blue to make a statement. Modern styles focus on simplicity with every accent in terms of colors, décor and architecture.

Natural Materials

Having natural materials and accents throughout your home is another design trend that's here to stay. Things like exposed wood can bring in a natural element and connect you with the outside world inside your own home. Along with natural materials, having lots of natural lighting in your home is a trend many people are continuing to seek. Natural lighting is great for your home and you. Sunlight coming into your home can eliminate the need for lots of lights to be turned on in your house during the day, which can lower your energy bill. For you, sunlight shining into your home can warm it and boost your vitamin D intake. With the desire for more natural light, many people choose to go with windows that have a thinner profile and large glass space.

At Pella, we can help you stay on-trend. We offer wood front doors in a wide range of styles ideal for Cleveland homes that can either maximize privacy or let in plenty of natural light. We also offer wood windows to add that touch of natural materials. You can accentuate the wood look even more by getting your window stained. Our contemporary windows follow the modern trend of ample glass space to let in maximum natural light and have sleek lines that can match the rest of your home and décor. Other popular window styles in Cleveland include bay windows, casement windows and double-hung windows. 

Black Accents and Hardware

Black continues to be a trending color as we go into 2022. With many people still choosing minimalistic styles, including neutral colors, black is a great way to accent your space. In addition, it is exceptional when paired with white since this contrast adds drama. Black windows have been trending for many years, especially in Cleveland. Plus, it doesn’t look like they're going away anytime soon, so they can be a worthwhile investment.

At Pella, we offer a black finish for our windows. This way, you can get the quality, style and materials you want while also staying on-trend and making a statement. Another way to incorporate black into your home’s décor is through hardware. For example, you can have your handles finished in black, or you can accessorize the room with things like a black lamp or mirror.

Home office featuring Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows

Home Office Areas Are Still in High Demand

People are continuing to work from home, so you may want to renovate a room in your home to make it the perfect home office. Your ideal home office will need a comfortable desk with an ergonomic chair. You will also want some good lighting and a view that you can enjoy as you work. You can install a double-hung or casement window to boost airflow and let in light. Other items you may want in your office serve an organizational purpose, such as a storage cube or a corkboard to organize notes. Keeping clutter to a minimum will help you stay on task and make the most of your time.

Versatility and Multifunctionality in Rooms

Having versatile areas and rooms that serve multiple purposes is coming into trend. Many people want their rooms and furniture to function in numerous ways to maximize functionality without cluttering their homes. For example, if you can use an ottoman as a table, footrest, an extra chair and storage space, you eliminate the need for four other pieces of furniture, which saves space.


Many people are looking for ways to make their homes more sustainable. They want to find a low-maintenance option that helps utilize natural light and lower their utility bills. At Pella, we can help by installing our energy-efficient windows into your home. Many of our products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certifications. We also offer options for passive houses to reach the most energy efficiency for your home. Other ways to make your home more sustainable are using less plastic and installing things like solar panels.

Curved Furniture

While we love angles in our architecture, curved furniture without sharp edges is becoming a trend for 2022. Instead of rectangular furniture that has sharp angles, try out a curved couch or chair. Getting rid of some rigid edges can help the room flow better. Choosing curved furniture can add a unique look to the room while also complementing the architecture.

Black Pella Lifestyle Series fixed wood windows featuring plants

House Plants

Another accent making its way into more and more homes is green! Plants are being seen in more houses to add a pop of color and create a natural look and feel. You can opt for just a single plant, or you can choose to have multiple plants. With so many different options, you can also play around with colors and textures to create a unique look in your room. 

Vintage Seems To Be Making a Comeback

Vintage accents and patterns may be making a comeback in 2022. Vintage items can bring uniqueness to your home and create a fun, colorful environment. With bright colors and a mixture of textures and patterns, you can make a room that has tons of interesting pieces for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Whether you decide on black accents, redesigning a room in your home to be a home office or are looking to make your home more sustainable, Pella is here to help. Set up your free in-home consultation today so you can be set for the new year.

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