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Small Home Improvement Projects That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Cleveland Home

Posted on November 02, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Modern Cottage style living room with Pella windows

We all know the big home improvement projects we have to do — siding, roofing, landscaping... The list goes on. Whether you're wanting to switch up your home's aesthetic or it's in need of an upgrade, smaller projects can be just as impactful. While some home renovations may appear small and not worth your time, they can make a big difference.

Get inspired to transform your Cleveland home with these home improvement ideas.


Adequately lighting your home can make a huge difference in its comfort and style. If your room is dull or the lighting doesn't go with its shape and architecture, new light fixtures can help brighten the space and improve its visual appeal. If you don’t want to add light fixtures, consider replacing your windows. Windows are a great way to bring in natural light, which can illuminate the entire room depending on the window you choose. At Pella, we offer a variety of window styles to match each room in your home, and our local experts can help you pick the right choice for your Cleveland home.

Popular window options in Cleveland include bay windows and fixed windows (also known as a picture or fixed frame window). These are a great option if you're looking for maximum natural light as they have a generous amount of glass. Casement windows and double-hung windows are also great if you're looking for a window that offers ventilation and has a good amount of glass space.


Repainting a room can transform its look entirely — and with so many colors, the possibilities are endless! For example, you can choose white to help make the space look larger and brighten it up. You could also add an exciting paint pattern to enhance the room's architecture. Paint the ceilings to add a unique, unexpected touch. Having a blue ceiling can be calming. Adding silver to your ceiling can greatly reflect light. In addition to your home's interior, a coat of paint is a simple way to transform your home's exterior, too. Popular exterior home paint colors in Cleveland home include blue-green, red, white, olive green, cool-toned beige and black.


Cleaning and decluttering your home may not sound like a home improvement project, but it takes a fair amount of time and energy to do. One area that you can start in is the kitchen. Over time, your counters get taken up by left-out spices, new countertop appliances and drying dishes. In addition to decluttering, make time to reorganize this space so that everything is in the proper place and easily accessible. If you need more space than your cabinets provide, you can add shelves on your kitchen walls or utilize space under the counters for storage.

Wood Pella windows featured in farmhouse style living room with fireplace


Cleveland winters can be harsh, and a fireplace in your home is a must-have to keep warm. In addition, fireplaces are a great decorative accent that can act as the focal point of your room. Installing or updating it can make your room appear larger, elevate your home's style and draw in your guests’ attention. You can freshen up the look of the brick or add tiles or paint to match your room’s style. You can even add some decorative elements such as photos, books, flowers, art and more. 


Furniture is as decorative as it is functional.  Updating your furniture is a great way to enhance your home's aesthetic while catering to your lifestyle. If your main goal is to improve comfort, for instance, you will want to opt for large couches and ergonomic seating. You will also want to consider how the furniture you choose matches the rest of the room. Unique furniture that matches your style can serve as a great conversation starter. You could maintain a modern, minimalist look with white furniture or choose bright-colored furniture that adds a pop of color.  The type of furniture you choose can also make a big difference. Consider your dining room table, for example. You could have a small table that is elegant but also makes everyone sit close together when seated. Or, you could go the route of a larger dining room table with lots of length for a farmhouse, family look. In addition to changing your furniture, how you arrange it can heavily impact your home's look. You don’t want the room to feel too cramped or too empty. Focus on how the angles of the room work and where you want your guests to face when they sit down. Overall, furniture can make a big difference in your room.

Pella front fiberglass entry door finished in red


Your home’s doors, especially your front door, are the first impression visitors get of your home. It also can add to your home’s overall look and curb appeal. There are many different types of doors to choose from that come in a range of different materials. You can also customize your door's style with other details, such as hardware, glass type and style, color and more. Adding a splash of color to your front door is a great way to make a statement and draw in people. Popular front door colors in Cleveland include red, blue and green. Intricate wooden doors with glass are also a popular door style in Cleveland as they create an elegant, unique grand entrance. Replacing your patio doors can also boost your home's aesthetic. Many Cleveland homeowners choose sliding glass doors and bifold patio doors.


While many people may entirely replace their cabinets or doors, replacing the hardware is a smaller project that can make just as big of a difference. Changing your doorknobs and kitchen knobs can upgrade the entire look of your cabinets and doors. For example, if you have white cabinets, changing the knobs to black can create a dramatic contrast that stands out and adds character. You could even go from plain hardware to a textured knob or one with a detailed design. 


Installing smart technology in your home can make a big difference. These innovative technologies can improve your home's comfort and convenience. A smart security system, for example, can boost your home's safety and give you peace of mind. You can even work to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill with certain energy-saving devices such as a smart thermostat.


Plants are a terrific way to add color and bring in freshness, which can be relaxing to many. Having indoor plants may feel like a chore, but they can completely change the look and feel of a room. And, with so many different options, there is bound to be a plant that fits the level of care you can provide. Incorporate color with bright flowers. Add greenery to your home for a natural look that brings the outdoors, in. 

Home improvement projects don’t have to be involved or take years; they can be simple and efficient. Making small changes in your home can make a big difference in your home’s overall aesthetic.

Once you've thought about the updates you want to make, leave any improvements you don't feel comfortable making to a professional. If you're looking to update your home's windows or doors, consult with a Pella professional today to get started. Our team has the necessary knowledge about Cleveland's climate, trends and home styles to help you find the right fit for your home.

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