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Thank You to Sharon and Gary for Over 74 Combined Years of Service to Pella

Posted on December 18, 2018 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

Sharon and Gary

2018 has been one of significance for our company for a multitude of reasons. Our divisions have seen some great growth, we’ve introduced innovative new Pella products, and we’ve brought on some great new talent. The year has been a happy one for us and for that, we’re grateful. However, as we say goodbye to 2018, it’s bittersweet that we say goodbye and happy retirement to two Gunton employees.Sharon at her desk

We’re so happy for them as they start the next big step in their lives, getting to relax and enjoy time with their families after years of devoted service to Pella. We’re quite sad to see them go. Sharon Hollowell and Gary Galicki have been staples within this company for decades.

Sharon started with us in 1976 and has been here for 42 years. She’s our Pricing Coordinator and ran Centralized Quoting for many years. She’s the person the sales team turns to with intricate and detailed project specifications and custom orders. Her product knowledge is nearly unmatched. Sharon also served on Gunton’s Entertainment Committee for many years. She’s been a backbone with unwavering support to everyone here and can’t be thanked enough for her 42 years with us.Sharon on the Entertainment Committee

Gary started with us in 1986. He knows this company like the back of his hand because you’d be hard-pressed to find a job here that Gary hasn’t done. From managing customer service, product service, and production/assembly departments, as well as being Philadelphia’s Order Fulfillment Manager, company trainer, and recruiter, he's done it all. Gary has had quite the impact all over Gunton. Many will remember him even as the person who first brought them here.Gary

These two wonderful people have given us their hard work and dedication, but most importantly, their friendship to the many people who make up the Gunton team. We can’t begin to thank you enough for your time spent here. Congratulations Sharon and Gary!  We wish you only the best!

A Few Words of Farewell From some of their coworkers:

To Sharon:

Sharon and Sue

“Thank you for your many years of supporting our team. Your contributions from CQ to Custom Solutions assistance has helped us grow sales and be market leaders.  I wish you all the best in retirement.”

--Rick Hangliter

My retirement wish for Sharon ”Yoga has been known to cause Health and Happiness.”… Congratulations and Enjoy !!”

--Mark Auman

“We will miss you, Sharon!  You have been an integral part of this company for a long time and you’ve done your job with diligence and grace.  Enjoy this next chapter and hopefully it’s the best one yet!”

--Sarah Manson

“Thank you for all of your help throughout the years.  You will be dearly missed!”

--Carl Bartlett

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon for many years and wish her the very best.  She has the energy and fun-loving spirit of a 25-year-old so it’s hard to believe she’s retiring.  Sharon will be missed by everyone here at the office, and I’m sure by all the reps  company-wide that she helps with her vast knowledge of everything Pella! “

--Lisa Brandt

“I wish I could have worked with you much longer but I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you a little bit over the last year! Have a great time in retirement!”

--Becca Cornell

To Gary:Gary and Reggie in Philly

“As most know, Gary has deep history with the Philadelphia Division – serving as interim OF Manager for almost a decade and assisting Reggie during the transformation of Team Philly starting in 2006, Gary has earned his place in Gunton/Philadelphia history. Gary spent countless hours (and miles on the PA turnpike) driving a new performance culture and building Teamwork with all members of Team Philly. In his Corporate Trainer’s role – Gary’s contributions as it relates to our company’s #1 Goal, Employee Safety, was dynamic and backed up with great results. Gary’s leadership in our FSC Certification, Lead Safe Installations, Training Programs and Pella PDSN Best Practices has been second to none across the nation. Gary worked an entire career putting others' needs in the forefront – his caring and selfless nature set the bar for so many he helped onboard to the Gunton Team. Congratulations Gary – when the term 'job well done' is said, you Sir encapsulate the same!”chocolate cakeGone Fishing Cake

--Reggie & Team Philly

“You have been an incredible partner for many years.  I am sure to miss your insights and wisdom.  Thank you for the influence that you have had on every single one of us.  I wish you and your wonderful bride a healthy and happy life in retirement.  So blessed to have worked with you.”

--Rick Hangliter

My retirement wish for Gary “…Congratulations and Enjoy !!”

--Mark Auman

“Gunton won’t be the same without you, Gary.  You have put in 100% for as long as I’ve known you and you’ve done it with skill, determination and enthusiasm.  You will certainly be missed.  Enjoy your retirement… it’s well deserved!”

--Sarah Manson

“A mentor to us all who always gave a lasting first impression of Gunton Corporation!”

--Carl Bartlett

“I will miss my conversations with Gary and his upbeat attitude.  He listens well, gives great advice, and is just a helpful person.  I wish you and Bonne so much happiness in your new winter home and here during the warm months,”

--Lisa Brandt

“I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here! I’m so glad to have met you and the wonderful Bonne! Have fun in your new adventure!”

--Becca Cornell

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