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13 Home Improvement Ideas for 2021

Posted on January 15, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

It’s hard to argue that nearly everyone we know is ready to leave 2020 in the past, and your home is no different. A fresh start with a fresh new year can also be a fresh start for your home, whether you’re moving or not. Here are some great home improvement ideas for 2021 based on some of the trends we’ve seen with our Columbus homeowners.

rustic modern kitchen

1. Vintage, Nostalgic, Rustic

In terms of design styles that seem to be making a comeback for 2021, think rustic, vintage and styles of nostalgia. This means seeing more rounded lines and intricate prints around our homes as well as more rustic elements, meaning lots of exposed, beautiful wood.

2. Earthy Tones

Similarly, earthy tones will be a big trend as well. This will fit nicely with the excess of patterns and additional wood elements, tying them together. This also comes from a place of more natural elements being incorporated into interior design this coming year.

3. Lighter Woods

While more wood design pieces and major home elements should be expected in general, lighter wood tones specifically will be especially popular. These hues can be great additions to rooms with lots of natural light to help create an airy and peaceful space.

4. House Plants and Natural Elements

In addition to that peaceful space, house plants and natural elements (think wood and raw edge pieces) will be popular as well. This is a trend we started to see in 2020 that will continue into 2021.

5. Large Windows

This trend isn’t surprising given the increased emphasis on wood, natural elements and earthy tones. Large windows allow you to bring the outside in, furthering that natural aesthetic of your room by letting in natural light and framing nature.

6. Shabby Chic and French Country Chic

While shabby chic fits nicely with a rustic style, the French country chic style of interior design will be making a comeback in 2021 as well.

7. Bold Wall Colors

Bold colors of walls, specifically bold natural tones (think iron ore gray and deep greens) will also be trending. This is an easy trend and update to make to your home and if you’re interested in trying it, we suggest starting in a room where you spend some, but not all of your time. If you like it, implement it in a living room or kitchen, and if you don’t, it won’t be disruptive or bothersome!

8. 80s Décor and Furniture

Décor and furniture with an 80s vibe also see a revival in 2021, not surprising given some of the more modern and minimalistic trends we saw in 2020. Think simple and thin décor pieces with just a little bit of edge, uniqueness and funk to them.

9. Dark Accents

Be it a bold, dark wall color or your windows and trim, dark accents will be even more popular in 2021 than they were in 2020.

10. Unique Front Doors and Entryways

Think unique and inviting, meaning bright and inviting colors, arched tops and intricate hardware. This could be a result of the social distancing of this year, making people want to create an inviting and unique space that conveys welcome.

11. Increased Craftsmanship in Key Home Elements

With an increased desire for all things DIY, local and small business it’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing an increased desire and appreciation for craftsmanship in key home elements and interior design choices.

12. Sustainability

Sustainability has been growing increasingly important as more and more people realize the consequences our actions have on the environment around us. 2021 will be the most sustainably-driven year yet, and home improvement and home design trends are no exception! Think repurposed hardware, smaller decor pieces and even lighting.

13. Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are also a direct result of homeowners wanting to add unique elements full of craftsmanship to their homes. This will also tie in nicely with the upwards trend of 80s décor and vintage styles.

What are your plans for your home in 2021? Do you plan on trying to implement some of the newest 2021 trends? Let us know on our Instagram, @guntoncorporation_residential .

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