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5 Reasons to Invest in a Home Improvement Project This Year

Posted on February 08, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows with triple-pane glass with shades in living room

Starting a new home improvement project can be stressful; you have to figure out your budget, take time to complete the project, and get the supplies or hire a professional. These thoughts may leave you wondering why you should undertake a new project. Well, here are five popular reasons people take the leap and invest in home renovations.

It's Time for a Change

One of the reasons why many people start a home improvement project is because they want a change. You are in your house for hours on end, and seeing the same style for years and years can get boring. Taking on a home improvement project is a great way to try out a new aesthetic for your home. This type of project doesn’t have to be large or break the bank; you can focus on repainting, furnishing and decorating your space with the new theme and make a drastic difference. For example, if you have classic double-hung windows but want a modern look with more glass space, you can get black casement windows. Be sure that when changing up the appearance of your home, you still consider its architecture and make decisions that will change the style and make the room appealing.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Conserving energy is essential for a lot of homeowners today. Taking on a home improvement project focused on energy efficiency can significantly reduce your energy waste and lower your utility bill. Some projects that could help you with this goal are adding solar panels, installing innovative technology like smart plugs or a smart thermostat, making sure your walls are insulated and replacing your windows. Many of our Pella windows have been ENERGY STAR certified. Our windows have insulated Low-E glass that helps reflect heat outside in the summer and keep heat in your home during the winter to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. This means that even in the cold winters of Columbus, you can still feel comfortable inside your home. 

Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows in kitchen

Update Your Home

Sometimes, it’s just time. A big reason that people start a home improvement project is that their house just needs an update. Finding the right time to start a renovation is hard because you must budget and decide the best products for you and your home, so sometimes, projects get put on the backburner. However, updating your home with modern appliances and style can transform the look and functionality of your home. For example, your kitchen may technically still be a space that you can cook, but your oven takes forever to heat, the flooring in there has warped and chipped in several places and the backsplash has old oil stains. In this case, renovating your kitchen with updated materials and state-of-the-art equipment will add convenience to your life and brighten up your kitchen. Another example is with your windows. Communities like Upper Arlington and Grandview have traditional homes but that doesn't mean they have to have outdated windows. You can stay true to your home's style while still having innovative features like our easy-slide operator or our Rolscreen. We can help you update your home with all the essentials to make your windows function better and look amazing.


Along with significant updates, maintenance is required to keep your home operating smoothly. Many people will consistently do smaller home improvement projects throughout the year to help with the upkeep of their homes, so it lasts for years to come. For example, the winter can be tough on a home, so you can take the summertime to work on landscaping, fix any cracks in your siding and clean out the gutters. However, after some years living in a house, you will have to maintain some large systems in your home, including plumbing and electricity. Some of these projects may require a professional’s help. For example, during the Columbus winter, you may have started to feel drafts in your home, and while installing new windows and doors into your home can be a big project, you still want to get that taken care of so that you can be comfortable in your home and save on your utility bill.  Also, after many years of use, some of your windows may not open or provide ventilation as well as they used to, so replacing your windows to prepare for the seasons changing is a great idea. Maintenance on your windows can help brighten your home, provide much-needed ventilation and offer functionality.

Fiberglass Entry Door


Selling your house is a big deal. Many people make some improvements to prepare their house for the market in order to get the best deal. Likewise, many home renovation projects increase the value of your home and add appeal when it’s up for sale. The projects you take on for preparing your house for the market can range from minor updates, like repainting a room to a neutral color, to larger ones like installing new flooring. Other home improvements that add value to your home include putting in some new windows. The Pella name has earned us recognition for the incredible innovations and quality that our products have. Updating some of your home’s windows can add value in their style, efficiency and functionality. For example, if you live in a modern home in Dublin, Westerville or surrounding areas, replacing your windows with our sleek, contemporary ones can improve your home's curb appeal, drawing in prospective homebuyers. Overall, the goal in selling your house is to maximize your return on investment and starting a home renovation project can help you do just that.

For many, starting a home improvement project can be challenging. At Pella, we are here to help with all your window and door project needs. Ready to get started? Schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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