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5 Tips for Setting Up Your Kids' Study Space

Posted on April 27, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

We’ve talked about great ways to boost your productivity by upgrading your office space, but, right now, you’re not the only one working from home. Your kids are entering their last month of school, which means it won’t be long before they’re taking finals or writing important end-of-term papers.

kids with pella windows

While some kids will have a desk setup in their rooms, most don't have a home office. If you’re looking to help your kids learn as much as they can while attending class online, try these tips for setting up the perfect spot.

Distraction-Free Personal Space

Having all your kids study together in one area might be a bigger distraction than you think. Try giving them their own space in the kitchen, at the dining room table, at a desk in their rooms or even at a coffee table in your living room. Just be sure to minimize distraction, keeping the TV turned off during study time. 

An Easy Recharge

Wherever you set up your kids' study space, make sure they have easy and safe access to an outlet so they can charge their electronics. This will keep them from migrating spots and getting distracted!

kids playing outside

Lighting Matters

If you’re able, set up your study area in a place with plenty of natural light. Natural light will help keep your kids from falling asleep, boost their mood and support creativity. Setting up the study spot next to a large window or your patio door can make for a great, bright space that promotes learning. Check out this blog if you're looking to learn more about natural light in your home.

kids with good lighting

Utilize Travel Bins

It’s important that your kids don’t have to get up and walk all around the house for supplies—this will just distract them! Utilize shower caddies or other portable bins to keep pens, pencils, highlighters, paper and even electronics organized. This way if your kids’ study spot doubles as the dining table, they don’t have to waste too much time for set up or tear down.

Kids Can Use Calendars Too

With a looser schedule than usual, it might be a good time to teach your kids how to use a calendar or day planner. Have them set up their own schedule, but be sure to monitor and check-in with them to ensure good time management.

Personalization Matters

If you really want your kids to focus, help them personalize their space. This could include decorations and knickknacks that inspire or make them happy. Indoor plants, unique canisters, pretty pen holders and pictures can all be nice additions to any space, making it all their own!

No matter what kind of study space you have for your student, these tips can be great for upgrading their area and helping your child focus. Learning may look different right now, but it's still just as important!

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