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7 Great Decorating Tips for your Windows this Halloween

Posted on September 29, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

beautiful home in the fall

We’ve looked at windows this year a bit differently. In a world where we need to social distance, they’ve been our view into the outside world and a great way to #BuildHope. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your windows for Halloween as the cold weather sets into the Midwest and Columbus, try some of these fun ideas!

Ghoulish Figures and A Craft for the Kids

With some black construction paper, scissors, and window safe tape, you could have a great new ghoul for your window, and you might even be able to keep your kids busy for an hour or two! Simply have your kids cut out shadows of ghosts, witches, goblins, or (for the younger kids) pumpkins and tape them to your windows. It’ll leave a shadowy figure in your window, making it look like your home is a haunted one!

Cobwebs and Critters

While these might be tricky with blinds, if you have our between-the-glass blinds, this décor tip will take you less than five minutes! You can get Halloween cobwebs at nearly any store and you simply string them across your windows and then stick some rubber spiders and creepy crawlers throughout them. It’s an easy way to haunt your house!

Tried and True Window Stickers

We’ve been loving window stickers, clings, and artwork this year, just check out our #HopeAtWork window artwork! They’re a great way to bring just a little bit of the holiday to your home and to all your neighbors, and they are super easy to find at nearly any superstore, crafts store, or even your local grocery!

Glow in the Dark Ghosts

Hang them from your curtain rods (they’re super lightweight) or string them right in the middle, and they’ll look festive day or night! We also really like the glow-in-the-dark ghost eyes that usually come in the form of a window cling!

Festive Fall Curtains

If you’re not looking to get too spooky, getting festive fall curtains can be a terrific way to welcome in the new season without going all out. This can be a great option especially for those with more neutral décor and minimalistic tendencies. Deep maroons, burnt oranges and even dusty yellows can make for tremendous fall curtain colors.

Pumpkins Perfect for the Window Sill

If you’re looking to strike a more middle ground, where you do more than just curtains but don’t spook your whole home up, try getting mini pumpkins for your window sills. This coupled with some festive curtains can make for the perfect simple Halloween décor combo.

Spooky Strings of Lights

Spooky string lights in orange, purple, green, and white can be a fantastic way to level up your haunted home’s Halloween décor. You can pair them with nearly any of the other Halloween décor tips above to highlight and brighten your windows at night and really show off your Halloween spirit!

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