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7 Tips To Brighten Your Home For Spring

Posted on March 19, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

1. Clean your windows!

kitchen window over sink

This lets more light into your home, the most basic way to brighten your home overall! This also will give you a better view to the outside of your home. As the world starts to brighten up and get colorful again, you’ll have the perfect view of it all! A bright mood means a bright home! If your windows aren’t letting enough light in, then you may have just found your next home improvement project! We can help you with that here.

2. Touch up your paint.

Be it kids, pets, or just a cooped up and extra-energetic spouse, the paint on your walls, trim, and cupboards can take some serious wear and tear over the winter and over the years and general. It may chip, scuff, or get marked up, by doing a light touch up to those rough spots you’ll brighten your home for the coming spring and prepare your home for the coming barbecues, pool parties and get-together's ahead of time!

3. Bring the green on in!a good view with inside plants

Who says plants and gardening is only for the outdoors? If your green thumb is itching and can’t wait for the warm weather, get some potted plants and bring them inside! They’re great décor that brighten your home and you can even plant herbs in small pots in your kitchen windows. Then you have fresh grown herbs for the perfect dinner and a piece of décor that brightens your home. Not a green thumb but still want to bring some green indoors? Take a trip to your local Home Goods or Target where you can get fake plants that look just like the real thing and have the same brightening effect on your home!

4. Switch out your décor with brighter/lighter colors.

While we know your Christmas decorations are long-gone by now, it might also be the right time to switch out your winter décor in favor of some spring décor. The lighter colors will brighten your home and the change in scenery will brighten your mood too!

5. Reduce your counter clutter.

Counter, mantle, bookshelves, and side tables are known culprits for just attracting all the little knick-knacks. Make room for your spring décor and do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes to de-clutter. Put non-necessities and things you don’t use every day in bins or drawers that are out of sight. Minimizing your home and your clutter is a known way to naturally brighten your home and it’ll give you peace of mind!

6. Add mirrors!

Adding a mirror to a room or hallway is a great way to not only brighten but also ‘add space’ to your room visually. Mirrors reflect light, brightening your home and opening it up. A more spacious looking space is also a brighter one! Plus, a good mirror with light or colorful trim can be the perfect edition to your spring décor collection!

7. Add wood accents.

window wood trim

Especially wood accents as a part of your décor can really brighten a room and make it feel ready for spring. You can do this with select décor pieces, trim, and even furniture. We have a variety of wood colors to choose from when choosing your windows, another great way to add wood accents and brighten your home.

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