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Our Favorite Columbus Modernization Projects

Posted on June 27, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Columbus

When our sales team meets with homeowners, they often hear one of two questions in regards to the aesthetics of the home: “I want to keep the traditional look of my home, can you match what I have now?” or “I really want to modernize my home, can my window/door replacement help me do that?” In Columbus, we tend to see more of the former than the latter. Modernizing your home can breathe new life into the aesthetic and overall vibe of your home, and our Columbus homeowners are all over it.

But if you’re not obsessively following Architectural Digest and all the other home improvement magazines and blogs like us, how do you know what’s “modernizing” and what renovations or styles can give your home that look?

The answer is simple. There are a few basic trends that stand out above the rest when it comes to modernizing your home, and we’re here to help you with them. While there are always going to be small changes you can make as well, we think these major trends are the ones to pay the most attention to — then you add in the small changes as you choose. We’ll show you some of our favorite examples of these major modernization trends so you know what we’re talking about and can see just how they could update your own home.

Black Windows

black kitchen window in Columbus Ohio

Black windows (and doors too!) are a staple in modernizing. It’s a trend we saw starting to shine at the beginning of last year and it’s here to stay. Black windows, no matter the color of your home, will give it a sleek and updated aesthetic. If you have a white or light colored home, it’ll also create beautiful, eye-catching contrast.


simplified  door replacement in Columbus Ohio

This is a tip that applies in both the big and small sense. By going with simple patterns, colors, and lines, you can modernize both the inside and outside of you home.

Bringing the Outside In

glass wall with patio door

This one is a summer favorite. By opening up a space and adding more glass, you allow the outside to seep inside (without letting the bugs do the same!). You can also do this on a small scale , simply by adding house plants to your home.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

energy efficient casement windows

Protecting the environment is cool and we are all for it (and have been since before it was cool). By using products that are more energy efficient, we help ourselves, our wallets, and our planet! It’s a win-win-win!

Letting in Light

full glass black double entry door

This is a trend similar to bringing the outside in, however, even if you’re replacing an entry door and still want the same amount of privacy, you can still let in more light with frosted or obscured glass. This will open up your foyer or entryway and still keep your privacy in tact.

Dark Woods

dark wood grain fiberglass door

This trend is similar to black windows but is more popular in doors. Beautiful dark doors with both simple and intricate designs can really modernize your home. Especially when that door is paired with open glass or black windows throughout the rest of your home.

Modernizing your home doesn’t have to be a complete revamp or renovation of your home. Sometimes updating simple elements throughout your home, like replacing with black windows or adding a more contemporary focal point, like a dark wood door with lots of glass, can be the key step in modernizing. This can then be paired with smaller steps for updating. You have options when it comes to modernizing your home, and we’re here to help you with them!

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