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Harrisburg Replacement Windows

Awning Windows Provide Flexibility

The housing market is growing around the greater Harrisburg area, which presents ample opportunity for installing or replacing your windows and doors. Whether a new home in Mount Joy or an older Victorian home in Allison Hill, traditional architecture is still the prominent style across southeastern Pennsylvania.

In homes both new and old, homeowners enjoy the versatility of awning windows. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards in a way that resembles an awning, earning them their name. Awning windows provide excellent ventilation and can be great solutions for tight spaces, like above a door, or in areas like bathrooms, where privacy is a concern, as they can be placed higher up on the wall. Used solo, in multiples, or as a complement to other window styles, awning windows can be used in nearly limitless combinations, providing flexibility to Harrisburg-area homeowners.

Commonly known as: crank out window, retractable window, top hung window, top hinged window

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Fiberglass Awning Windows

Awning windows made from fiberglass are durable, energy-efficient, and able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, making them an ideal choice for Harrisburg’s humid summers and cold winters. Fiberglass awning windows from the Pella® Impervia® series are available in five powder-coated color options for a low-maintenance finish that lasts for years.

Awning Window Sizes

While awning windows are a fabulous solution for smaller spaces, awning windows are available in a wide range of sizes. Pella awning window sizes are as small as 14.5 inches by 17.5 inches and as large as 73 inches by 59 inches. While standard sizes vary by the window material used, custom awning window sizes are also available, and all Pella windows are built-to-order in ?-inch increments for the most precise fit for your home.

Vertical Awning Windows

One popular method of installing awning windows is to stack them vertically. Awning windows of the same size, when installed in a vertical series, have the look of one single divided window panel, but retain the functionality of individual windows. This provides the flexibility of opening one, a few, or all of your awning windows at once for controlled ventilation.

Vinyl Awning Windows

Vinyl awning windows are a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and energy-efficient ventilation solution. Easy-care vinyl requires no painting or staining and looks great for years. Vinyl frames are welded in the corners and have virtually invisible seams.

Product Lines

Harrisburg Climate Recommendations

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Windows with panes of glass with Low-E help keep your home insulated, blocking out the Pennsylvania cold and helping keep the heat in.

Durable Materials

Frequent storms during winter in southeastern Pennsylvania can bring bitter cold and frozen precipitation. Wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding are ideal for withstanding the elements.

Fiberglass Windows

For good insulation and protection from drafts and leaks, choose fiberglass awning windows.

Harrisburg Window Replacement

In addition to modernizing your home, replacing old or inefficient windows can help increase your energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable. We make the process simple. Our replacement window experts can help you select, install, and enjoy replacement windows for years to come. Find window replacement options and advice for your area.

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