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Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home: Double-Hung Window Edition

Posted on February 03, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

Replacement double-hung windows on newly renovated home

Double-hung windows can be seen on many homes throughout the Harrisburg area. This style of window has many benefits and is great for several rooms throughout your home. Keep reading to learn more about double-hung windows and how going with Pella windows can benefit you and your home.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows on Harrisburg Homes

Double-hung windows are a top choice window for a reason, and that’s because of their many benefits. For example, double-hung windows are easy to use and provide lots of natural light and ventilation.

Because both sashes are operable, you can open the window from the top or the bottom to let in the fresh air. The two operable sashes also mean that these windows are incredibly easy to clean. All you have to do is tilt the sashes in, and you’ll be able to clean the outside of your windows easily. This is especially useful for windows on the second floor that would be harder for you to clean the exterior. In regard to ventilation, you can add one of our innovative window screens to provide fresh air without letting the bugs in.

Another great thing about double-hung windows is their style. This type of window is great for traditional homes, especially with added grilles, because they bring a unique charm and a classic style to your home.

You can also choose from various finishes for your windows. For example, you can select a white finish to brighten the interior of your home, or you can choose to go more contemporary with a black finish. Another great option is to have a natural wood stain on your wood windows to bring warmth to your home. Overall, double-hung windows offer a lot of versatility and benefits.

Front of white and brick home with double-hung windows and shutters

Double-Hung Window Frame Materials for Harrisburg Homes

At Pella, we offer a variety of window frame materials to help you reach your goals. Our wood windows are excellent when it comes to versatility. They can fit your home’s style and provide custom solutions. These windows also showcase the wood's natural beauty and the craftsmanship that goes into making the windows. Wood windows can also bring warmth into your home and accent your home’s style.

Our vinyl windows offer you high quality at a budget-friendly rate. The vinyl formula we use for our windows makes them durable and low maintenance.

Fiberglass is the strongest window frame material available. These windows are extremely durable and low maintenance. They are made to have a sleek profile for a modern look.

Window Treatments to Enhance Your Home Style

Double-hung windows are versatile, and so are their window treatment options. For example, you can try out different curtain options like a bold pattern, blackout curtains, or white sheers. Other great options for double-hung windows are shades or blinds.

Customize Your Double-Hung Window Placement

Double-hung windows are ideal for many areas throughout your home. For example, double-hung windows are great for rooms in the front of your home. Double-hung windows can bring symmetry to the front of your home when you install them on either side of your front door. These windows are also great for living rooms and front doors because they offer functionality, easy cleaning, and ventilation.

White home with stone and orange accents with black double-hung windows

See Local Harrisburg Double-Hung Window Projects Done by Pella

Here are some of the local projects our local Harrisburg team has worked on:

  • This cabin in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was in need of renovation. We installed wood double-hung windows to offer style and functionality. The black exterior with the orange trim makes the windows pop against the siding. The brown interior also helps with the interior style.
  • We also helped transform this Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, home with vinyl double-hung windows. The windows added the finishing touches to this completely renovated home. The double-hung windows provide ease of use, functionality, and a classic style. The vinyl frames were exactly what the homeowners were looking for: beautiful, energy efficient, and budget-friendly.
  • Lastly, this Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, homeowner was looking to upgrade their windows to wood to fit their home’s aesthetic better. The new double-hung windows are energy efficient and enhance the home's curb appeal. The white window frames with the blue trim also help add to the home’s overall look.

Double-hung windows can fit many different home styles, including yours! Get started on your replacement windows by scheduling a free in-home consultation with us today.

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