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Double-Hung Window Ideas for Different Home Styles and Exteriors

Posted on December 19, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

Home with blue siding and stone featuring double-hung windows

There are many different home styles in the Harrisburg area. Finding the right replacement windows to complement yours might seem challenging, but versatile double-hung windows can pretty much suit them all.

Let’s go through some examples of double-hung window options and how they pair with different designs below!

Double-Hung Window Styles for Every Home Design


Traditional-style homes’ key features include large, open porches with overhanging beams and a tall, pointed roof. In addition, these homes tend to have a stone, stucco or brick exterior. Adding double-hung windows is an excellent option for traditional homes. For example, one thing that these homes are known for is their symmetrically spaced windows. Having windows equally spaced in your home can increase curb appeal and enhance the traditional style of your home.

For an option that stands out, white windows help add contrast against the brick and stone exterior typical of traditional homes. Plus, they brighten the look of your home's exterior.


These are one-story homes that have a devoted patio area, large windows and often feature a basement and an attached garage. Their exterior offers easy maintenance with a low-pitched roof and no stairs.

Ranch home exteriors can come in a variety of colors, but that’s no problem for our double-hung windows. Whether you need white, tan, black or another color window, our team at Pella can help! If you desire an oversized window look, consider having multiple double-hung windows installed next to each other.


Craftsman homes showcase the beauty of the materials that are used to make them. That’s why wood windows are great options for these homes. A natural wood stain double-hung window would add to the beauty and craftsmanship of this home style. Another typical window accent for this style of home is adding transoms above your windows.


Contemporary home designs are flexible; many window types, like double-hung windows, can be used throughout these home. Contemporary homes focus on glass space, so prioritize this in your windows by having a combination of grille-free double-hung windows.

Colonial Revival

Double-hung windows are the best choice for this type of home in Harrisburg. Grilles are also an excellent option for this home. The double-hung windows can be tall and flanked by shutters. If you want to add visual interest, install half-circle windows on the top of your home. Colonial homes tend to have a white or brick exterior, so you can’t go wrong with white windows.

Black double-hung window om brick home

Double-Hung Window Styles for Every Home Exterior

Brick Exterior

Brick homes have a stunning red exterior that makes white and black windows stand out. Brick homes can come in a variation of oranges, reds, browns and grays, but the classic concept of the classic black and white windows remains. Another option for brick homes is to install white double-hung windows with black shutters. This lets your windows pop and stand out even more.

Various Colored Siding

White windows stand out in many different color schemes. White windows will also help brighten your home and make a small space feel larger. Black windows are commonly used for getting a modern look. Black windows have continued to trend. They are incredibly gorgeous in combination with contrasting colors, like white siding.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are very style flexible and can go great with any color scheme or aesthetic. You can opt for a natural stain finish to bring out the craftsmanship and pure beauty of our wood frames. These finishes can bring warmth to your home and add a natural touch that works well with green color schemes.

Stone home with various black wood windows

Popular Double-Hung Installations Around Harrisburgh, PA 

Take a look at a few projects we have worked on where the finish of the windows really popped against the exterior of the Harrisburg home.: 

  • Carlisle, PA, home: Wood double-hung windows were used throughout this Carlisle, Pennsylvania, home. The interior was a beautiful pine to bring warmth to the house, and the exterior was black to add a modern feel. The windows went well with the stone exterior of the home. The double-hung windows lined the dining room are functional and easy to use while bringing in natural light.
  • New Freedom, PA, home: The new addition to this New Freedom, Pennsylvania, home featured a dark blue side and a lighter tan side. They wanted their new windows to be functional and match the rest of their home. 

We installed white double-hung windows that stood out beautifully and matched the rest of the home’s exterior beautifully. The newly installed wood windows also provided the homeowner with energy efficiency and noise reduction.

  • Stewartstown, PA, home: We helped with an amazing transformation in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. The homeowners renovated an old ranch to transform it into a beautiful new single-family home. We installed vinyl double-hung windows on this house to give the homeowner exactly what they were looking for: a beautiful, energy-efficient and budget-friendly product. The white vinyl windows had black shutters on each side and worked well against the gray siding.                                                                                                             

Double-hung windows can go with many different home styles and exteriors. At Pella, we can help you match your windows to your unique home.

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