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Enhancing Your Home's Exterior and Interior With Replacement Windows

Posted on October 25, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

Back patio of a home with black windows

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners choose to replace their windows. Some replace them for interior reasons, while others are focused more on upgrading their home's exterior. Whether you are looking to replace your windows for the interior, exterior, or both, our windows can help you reach your goals.

Improving Home Exteriors With Replacement Windows

Boost Curb Appeal

One reason homeowners decide to replace their windows is to add curb appeal to the exterior of their home. For example, adding black exterior windows is a great way to modernize the exterior of your home.

This Green Castle, PA, home has a beautiful exterior. The home features a combination of wood windows and doors with a black exterior and white interior. The white trim around the exterior of the black double-hung and fixed windows makes the windows stand out. The black windows create amazing curb appeal against the home's dark siding and stone accents.

Maintain Style

Another part of replacing windows is upgrading the overall look of your home. For example, removing older windows that show wear and tear and installing new ones can change the look of your home completely.

You should also consider how your windows will look when opened versus closed. Is this something you want to change up? Take casement and awning windows, for example. When closed, the two styles look the same, but when opened, casement windows will be vertical. In contrast, awning windows open horizontally, making your home's exterior appear differently depending on your window types.

Finally, replacing your windows is an excellent way to maintain your home's style. For example, adding classic double-hung windows can keep your traditional-style home looking great while maintaining the original look. Our team does many historic window replacements to add curb appeal to homes while preserving their historic glory.

This Harrisburg homeowner wanted to update their windows. They wanted to have the look of double-hung windows with the functionality of casement windows. So, we installed wood casement windows with top-row grilles. Outside, the home looks to have double-hung windows, which adds to the home's curb appeal. The white windows also contrast beautifully with the brick home.

Interior of home with double-hung windows

Improving Home Interiors With Replacement Windows

Improved Functionality

Windows aren't just there to look good; they also provide the functionality to make your life easier. For example, double-hung, casement, awning and sliding windows are all easy to operate so you can enhance ventilation in your home.

When this New Freedom, PA, homeowner decided to expand their home, we filled the new addition with our Lifestyle Series wood windows that enhanced the house's energy efficiency and noise reduction. Their newly installed double-hung windows can easily be opened and closed to let fresh air in the area. Overall, the wood windows provide a lot of functionality and ventilation.

The addition of screens your windows allows you to enjoy this functionality and ventilation even more, letting fresh air blow in while keeping bugs and debris out. We have innovative screens, like our Rolscreen and our Hidden Screen for vinyl windows.

Another functional feature we have exclusive to our casement and awning windows is our easy-slide operator. This device allows you to open your windows with an effortless slide instead of the traditional crank.

Dining room with black windows

Refreshed Style

The exterior of your windows help make an impression when people pass your home, but what about the style of the interior? Well, replacement windows can help with that too. For example, we offer a variety of finishes for your windows, from a natural wood stain to a modern black finish. We can also do different colors for your home's interior and exterior parts. So, you could have a bold black exterior to modernize your home and a white interior to keep rooms feeling light.

Enhance Your Home's Interior and Exterior With Pella

Installing new windows can help you increase your home's curb appeal and functionality. In addition, replacement windows are an excellent way to provide your home with style inside and out, as well as energy efficiency and convenience. Ready to install new windows in your home? Schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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